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Re: Theos-World Re: TS Elections - Kim Dieu

May 01, 2008 04:04 AM
by MKR

Katinka, thanks for your message.

I hear that the letter is widely circulated in the Europe. Do you have a
copy? What is there in it so highly explosive? If you have it why not share
it with all of us to clear all
questions. (This is a request to all readers here as well.)

I am told that Dieu, a long-time hard-workin theosophist, is very popular
and highly regarded in Europe and a person in  such a position should be
upfront and put all the chips on the table for all of us to see.

She seems to be in the middle of campaigning for Algeo and when you get
involved in electioneering, issues like this one do not easily go away. Some
one needs to speak up and point to members what is going on. No one needs to
fear truth. It is the widespread lack of transparency that is the problem. I
still hope and pray Dieu will respond so that I can post her response here
for everyone to see.

By the way, I have not met or had any contact with Dieu ever and there is
nothing personal. It is just the principle.



On 5/1/08, Katinka Hesselink <> wrote:
> MKR,
> You are reading too much into this. Kim Dieu is just not the most
> communicative of people. She probably feels she has said her piece and
> let the chips fall where they will.
> Katinka
> --- In <>, MKR
> <mkr777@...> wrote:
> >
> > I learnt that Kim Dieu, President of European Federation who has
> travelled
> > far and wide and given lectures in Europe and Canada and even at the
> Krotono
> > Institute of Theosophy had made some comments in a letter/msg sent to
> > several people regarding the mental and physical fitness of Radha
> Burnier to
> > be reelected as President.
> >
> > I was intrigued by what I heard and hence sent her two e-mail messages
> > asking her to comment on her comments. She has not responded for days.
> > Either she could have explained or if they are incorrect, she could
> have
> > corrected. She has done neither.
> >
> > Now it looks like she has joined the gang of other GS supporters of
> Algeo,
> > hoping with time and silence and keeping gullible members in the dark
> > about true facts of Radha's good health in the dark will achieve their
> > goals. End seems to justify the means.
> >
> > For an organization which is supposed to uphold high standards of
> morality
> > and justice, humble novices will find it totally confusing. TS has
> its motto
> > and these actions cannot but harm the TS and TM in the long run.
> >
> > mkr
> >
> >
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