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TS Elections - French Secretary Maxene Ondet's View

Apr 28, 2008 12:45 PM
by MKR

In a message to all TS members in France, Maxene Ondet, French Secretary

"In November 2006, she had a serious stroke which left her unable to speak
for at least a month and deprived her of a large part of her memory.  Her
recovery was slow and incomplete, especially as far as short term memory and
recall of names are concerned.  In conversation, she no longer understands
anything but short and simple sentences."

Couple of days ago, I wrote to her citing the two doctors' certificates
stating that Radha Burnier is mentally and physically fit, that she should,
as her duty, inform the French Members about the correct facts, since
misleading  info should be corrected.

I hoped to hear from her so that we all can share her new views. So far I
have not received any replies. One wonders about the silence of a high TS
official on such an important matter.


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