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Re: Theos-World TS Elections -- Emperor(s) has no Cloths

Apr 27, 2008 09:06 AM
by Drpsionic

I cannot conceive of two people whom I would less want to see naked than John Algeo and Radha Burnier!

Chuck the Heretic 

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Subject: Theos-World TS Elections -- Emperor(s) has no Cloths

In another theosophical forum, a theosophist commented:

"As usual, the problem is caused by those who, in their over-zealousness get
things mixed up, because now several members with no official
responsibilities feel they have the right to write their opinions, forward
private letters, etc. Of course they have, but that shows me that we are,
generally speaking, not mature enough, and that the laws of the world still
rule on us."

The key issue in the election is Radha Burnier's health.

The situation we have is many in leadership position have provided
inaccurate/misleading information regarding the mental and physical health
of Radha Burnier and tried to influence the members, and have not provided
the members the details of the two certificates from doctors who have
declared her mentally and physically fit.

This is doing injustice by those who are supposed to exemplify how
theosophists value truth and justice. Like the child who talked about the
king having no cloths, it does not require any high degrees or years of
learning or years of daily meditation or other tantrik practices or beliefs
etc or other credentials to see this and talk about. Also some of the
members have been around theosophy longer than many in the leadership


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