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Re: Theos-World Aryel Sanat - Update

Apr 27, 2008 08:37 AM
by MKR

Years ago. Aryel was in my city and gave a series of lectures on JK and
transformation. I have some video recordings on tape. Need to convert them
either to DVD or on MP4 or some downloadable format which I have not done.


On 4/27/08, Jokela Petri <> wrote:
> Ariel Sanat had to cancel his summer school lectures in Finland at that
> time. People were so
> excited to hear his lectures as his book was very much read and sold.
> Good, if he is recovering. Happy to hear news from him.
> Most famous finnish compouser Jean Sibelius died for stroke at the age
> of 92 or was he 91 years old, I am not sure.
> Alan Seniour wrote long artcile about him to The Theosophist 2007, which
> we also translated into our Teosofi.
> PJ
> MKR kirjoitti:
> >
> > Many have known or heard about Aryel Sant, who has written a book on
> Jiddu
> > Krishnamurti and extensively lectured on the issue of transformation,
> was
> > not seen anywhere for several years. I happened to learn last night
> > that he
> > had a stroke and affected him badly. Fortunately, he is recovering.
> >
> > I sent him a msg last night and got a reply today. He is writing a
> message
> > on stroke etc and expected to send it soon. When I receive it, I hope to
> > post it here.
> >
> > mkr
> >
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