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TS Elections - Radha Burnier's Health - Third Doctor's Opinion

Apr 27, 2008 07:41 AM
by MKR

In a message, Pedro wrote:

"Dr Duzan Zagar, Organising Secretary for the TS in
Slovenia and who is a medical doctor, neurologist and psychiatrist,
visited the President during his stay at Adyar in December 2007, saw
her recent test results and declared that she was in good health. She
had had a stroke in November 2006. Therefore in the light of expert
medical advice Ms Carbonell's comments on the President's health at
that time were uncalled for, inappropriate and manipulative, for they
represented a blatant attempt to unduly influence the opinion and
decision-making process of the General Council members."

I overlooked this msg which was posted prior to the two doctors in India
issued certificates declaring Radha Burnier fit both mentally and

The above statement raises several questions:

1. Did Algeo or any of the other Secretaries and GC members talk to Dr.
Zagar at the convention?

2. If they did, what did they find out? They should share it with the
members, which is very easy with Internet.

3. If they did not, why not? Don't they know a professional opinion is lot
more important than laymen/women's opinion?
    Don't they trust another theosophist who heads a Section? If they do
not, they should explain why.

4. With such free advise available, why did they go ahead put their own
laymen/women's opinion as facts and provide incorrect information which may
mislead members to vote for their candidate.

5. When they found out that doctors who have examined Radha Burnier and
declared her fit, why have they not informed the members by providing
reliable professional opinion? We make mistakes. It is the mark of brave men
and women to stand up and accept mistakes and move on. Silence only will eat
into the credibility of those who are supposed to lead theosophy in 21st
century and in future we may have to take everything they say with a great
grain of salt which is not good for an organization such as TS.


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