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Privacy in Internet Era

Apr 25, 2008 05:40 PM
by MKR

I have been looking at how Internet has intruded on our privacy. A computer
expert made a statement that in todays world there is no privacy.

All publically available data is indexed and can be accessed by anyone. Some
of the basic info is free. Your addresses, phone #, age etc.

Your home location is identified. Google has pictures of your home, both
Areal as well as street view. Your home size and value is on the Internet.
You can also find the names of other members of your home.

Marriage and divorce records are on the Internet. So are any law suits or
any other litigation.

When you chat or post a message, they are archived for ever. Many times what
someone said or wrote came back to haunt them at a later date.
Due to some statements made, some could not get hired.

People can review posted messages and pick up on bits and pieces of personal
info and collate them to get a full picture.

Private communications can be posted anonymously from far off places and you
will never be able to track them. All you need is to look at the enormous
spams the we all receive daily.

Some time ago, when a private party went to court to prevent newspaper
publishing a news item, it was put on the website before courts opened for
the day.

What is the lesson. If you want to protect your privacy in the West, it is
going to be very very difficult.

Recently a member here was very defensive about revealing his identity and
all that was on the messages was his email address. If he googles himself,
he will be in for a great surprise.

Thought I should share the above out of general interest.


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