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Re: Theos-World T. S. President's Election - 2008

Apr 24, 2008 02:19 PM
by MKR

Thanks for your thoughtful message.

I hope members around the world read this message and better informed,
members are, better for the society.

Two issues are currently under discussion.

One is how the nomination and electioneering has been developing.

Second is the fitness of the candidates to hold the office.

Third is the long-term question of young leadership.

After the elections are over, we will see its after effects, which under the
current circumstances may be more important in the longer-term and  no one
should be surprised if the after effects are more serious and long lasting
than the elections.

Today, we all should be happy that we have access to Internet medium which
helps all of us, Internationally and instantaneously share news, exchange
information and opinions at very little cost which was not feasible in pre
Internet days.


On 4/24/08, Jayananda Hiranandani <> wrote:
>   Dear Everyone:
> There have been many messages on the above subject. I wish to supplement as
> follows:
> Firstly, some people have stated the need for the young . Let us examine
> this from the standpoint of theosophical concepts. What is meant by young?
> Is young a good criterion for us to benefit from the ocean of wisdom?
> Many of us, at least I, determine young by the chronological age in this
> incarnation. Whereas, the evolutionary stage of a soul can be determined by
> not the physical age in this incarnation, but by a study of past
> incarnations through occult investigations of akashic records . I wish to
> ask those who want young leadership to state whether they are doing it on
> basis of occult investigations or not. If they are doing on the basis of
> occult investigations, then congratulations to them, not only from the
> theosophical world but other similar types of interested people. They, these
> occult investigators, can do a lot of good and our third object will indeed
> serve the humanity and the animal, plant and mineral kingdoms.
> For people like me who are light years away form the occult, the
> chronological age in this incarnation is the only criterion . Thus, I have
> to fall on the characteristics in this incarnation.
> For the T.S. President, there are three groups of functions. For any
> candidate, they should be weighed.
> The first group of functions is to give lectures and meet people In this
> area to deliver the benefit of Theosophy in a good way ,one should have not
> only book knowledge but should have lived and practiced it. I can attest to
> this from my similar experience in engineering as I have practiced it and
> taught it. Being a good lecturer of theosophy is a necessary requirement,
> but it is is hardly sufficient in light of the other two for the post of the
> President.
> The second group of functions is managing people issues within groups and
> between groups. This group of functions is vital to the well being of the
> organisation. Harmony within and between groups will enable less energy
> spent on friction and more energy on the main purpose of the T. S.
> The third group of functions is to run the headquarters as a successful
> enterprise. This has to be successful not only in the financial sense but
> also in meeting the external challenges. These challenges can only be
> understood and met by having an intimate and first-hand knowledge of the
> environment.
> For all the three groups of functions, Dr. Radha Burnier has not only her
> experience as the President, not only her experience as the General
> Secretary of the Indian Section, but also the experience inherited from her
> father. Her father started his T. S. work under Dr. Besant. He was Dr.
> Arundale's Vice President. Earlier he was, if my information is correct, the
> Treasurer and the Recording Secretary (now re-designated as International
> Secretary). He worked very closely with Mr. Jinarajadasa. This has placed at
> Dr. Burnier's disposal not only her experience as the T. S. President, but
> also of the earlier Presidents right back to Dr. Besant.
> Thanking you for your kind consideration.
> Yours cordially,
> Jayananda H. Hiranandani
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