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Re: Theos-World Musings on TS Presidential Elections

Apr 22, 2008 02:55 PM
by Drpsionic

I think if electioneering were a standard practice in the TS, we could enjoy this more.? I'm inclined to think that they are both crazy for wanting the job, but I've always felt that anyone who wants that job is.? The truth is that from a personal point of view, I've always found John to be more enjoyable to listen to than Radha, but then I know him a lot better.? I can certainly do a much better imitation of his speaking than I could ever do of Rahda's dancing, for which the gods are no doubt grateful.

But that of course has nothing serious to do with any of this which is just as well because try as I might, I just can't take the matter very seriously.? I mean think about it.? The presidents of the TS have included Col. Olcott, a beloved old man whose beard tended to catch fire on embarrassing occasions and has a street in Chicago named for him (he really does!), Mrs. Besant, who was crazy as a june bug, George Arundale, who never met a Nazi that he did not like and so on.? It is not a position noted for the wisdom of those who hold it.

The TS is much bigger than those who hold office in it, which is probably why it is still around.

Chuck the Heretic 

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Subject: Theos-World Musings on TS Presidential Elections

Here is a message I sent to a member from another continent who
contacted me relating to the elections. I thought it might be of some
interest to some.


Thanks. I have been quite busy with several messages on theos-talk
and you may have seen them. The most interesting is the reports from
two doctors who have examined her (Radha) physical and mental condition and
have declared her fit.

It looks to me that the whole nomination issue seems to have been in
the works for the past several months and we do not know what are the
other considerations than health that was key.

Many times what we see is only a partial manifestation of something
more deep; I hope it is not something which is against Brotherhood
principle itself.

Why I say this is because many times people do wrong things but with good
motives of helping but end up harming the cause. We will have to see
how the matter develops.

If this had happened 15 years ago, everyone would have believed what
the leaders fed to the obedient followers and that would have ended the issue.

Today we should thank Internet which allows people to exachange
information around the world instanteneously. As the news media here
call, the velocity of news has increased.

One thing that I am unable to understand is why the International HQ
did not collect the e-mail addresses of members all over world and on
a monthly basis a news letter could have been sent to all, thus
keeping in touch with membership.

If this had been done, when the electioneering started, it would have
been very easy to keep the membership informed with accurate factual
information so that they are not misled with inaccurate information to
influence the members to vote
one way or the other.

Let us all wait and hope that Truth will Triumph in the end.



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