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President Burnier's Health - What has changed?

Apr 22, 2008 09:47 AM
by MKR

I recently came across a very interesting piece of information.

I understand that in February 2007, Algeo wrote to Secretaries and other
members around the world in which he states:

"As you have doubtless heard, the President had a light stroke in November.
It did not affect her body or her mind except for a slight and temporary
memory loss with respect to names. Her doctor predicts a full recovery,
which will take several months. At present she is progressing nicely and
doing very well. She attended all the major meetings during Convention,
although she let others do some of the speaking and presiding that she
normally does. She has taken a short time off (which she well deserves) to
recuperate, free from the demands on her at headquarters, but she is now
back at Adyar and attending to business?.. I had extensive discussions with
her about Theosophical business around the world, and she is on top of all
the facts and her judgment is as sharp as ever. The outlook is very
favorable for a full recovery."

So obviously, a year ago she was in pretty good health. Based on the recent
certification by two doctors, her health is good now. What has changed
during this period? What were the health problems used as an excuse at the
time when Presidential nominations were in process?

In a previous message it was stated that when Carbonell's email was read to
the General Council, Algeo was noticeably silent. One wonders why?

Also one wonders if the whole issue of nomination was developing in the
background over a period of several months and it would be interesting to
learn what actual role Algeo played directly or indirectly.

My hope is either him or one of his surrogates would enlighten all of us.

Truth will Triumph as they saying goes.

PS: If anyone reading the messages here have any information relating to the
election issue, please post them or e-mail me direct.

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