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Re: Theos-World TS Adyar President Election

Apr 20, 2008 03:11 AM
by Anton Rozman

In the seventies of the last century Mr. I. K. Taimni wrote a book - 
Principles of Theosophical Work - which he introduced with the 
following words:

The work of the Theosophical Society can be organized efficiently 
only when the large majority of its members scattered throughout the 
world understand clearly the aims of the Society and the general 
principles which should guide them in planning and carrying out this 

Then he suggested: 

... this movement has at least three well-defined though unspecified 
functions in the present times. These may be stated as follows: 

(1) To give to humanity certain deeper truths of life which are 
needed for taking the next step in human evolution. 

(2) To install certain universal guiding principles like Brotherhood 
into the minds of people in general, so that it may become possible 
to usher in a better world order. 

(3) To provide agents in the outer world who understand the Plan in a 
general way and can thus consciously co-operate with the Elder 
Brethren in the work which They are doing for the betterment of the 
human race. 

Regarding the role of the TS and its members he said:

It should, therefore, be clear that the Theosophical Society and the 
individual members composing it should take a decisive, clear and 
forceful lead in the shaping of world thought and world movements.

So we see how the dissemination of these truths of Eternal Wisdom is 
the primary, function of the Theosophical Society and a duty 
incumbent upon all its members throughout the world.

And regarding the general principles he proposed: 

? it is necessary to consider a few general principles with regard to 
the methods we are to use in its work. 

The first important point we have to bear in mind in this connection 
is the necessity of taking advantage of all the knowledge and 
technique that are available in the world for doing work of a similar 

The second important point we have to keep in our mind all the time 
is the necessity of adopting the experimental attitude towards the 
methods we use in our work.

The necessity of adopting the experimental attitude leads naturally 
to the great importance of proper planning of our work.

The planning of our work and its execution with efficiency requires 
the services of a trained body of workers who can take up different 
parts of the plan and carry them out in co-operation with one 
another, and under the guidance of those who are in charge of the 
work.... What is wanted, in addition, is the attitude of active 
cooperation, the readiness and the capacity to work with people of 
all kinds of temperaments and modes of thinking in the pursuit of a 
common goal.

You can now read the book on:

Best regards,

--- In, MKR <mkr777@...> wrote:
> Several years ago, I posted a msg in the same vein when no young 
> was on the horizon anywhere. Upcoming organizations and movements 
always are
> led by young or middle aged leaders and never by octogenarians. 
> ideas and visions have never been revolutionary, even though they 
may be
> imagining or day dreaming. More likely such octogernian ideas will 
run the
> orgn into a deep hole. Even looking back, the orgn has been on 
> mode with decreasing (in %) membership and old (wise) people 
leading it.
> mkr
> On 4/19/08, Cass Silva <silva_cass@...> wrote:
> >
> >   The TS was supposed to be revolutionary in its ideas and modus 
> > I think HPB would be repeating dufus,dufus,dufus. Le them play 
their little
> > egotistical games, let the power struggle continue, it will 
change nothing
> > in the long run for them or for the TS. The TS has served its 
function as a
> > medium for the teachings of the Masters through HPB, they are 
simply adding
> > more materialistic coals to the burning.
> >
> >
> > Cass
> >
> > Richard Semock <semockr@... <>> wrote:
> > I'll tell the mahatmas you said that.
> >
> > Its really amazing tho how the TS grew into a worldwide 
> > altho I doubt that HPB would be pleased with the politics that it 
> > to run it. But then isnt that the evolutionary path that every 
> > person, or country for that matter takes when the ideas that 
> > them descend into matter. In the case of the TS, Im convinced that
> > there was and still is a powerful spiritual force behind it but it
> > needs to break out of the forms that bind it from time to time.
> >
> > --- In <>, 
> > Silva <silva_cass@> wrote:
> > >
> > > That's how 'the old boys club' works. Play by my rules.
> > Brotherhood, imo, does not mean joining up to other associations 
> > respecting their choices.
> > >
> > > Cass
> > >
> >
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