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Re: Theos-World Professional Theosophists

Apr 19, 2008 04:33 PM
by Martin

Hmm, yes I had a personal relationship with Grace as
well, however she never understood me personally...
But this was not a matter of hers to work out but more
one of mine:
I still don't understand myself.
Whenever I will, it will be time to go from this plane
of existence and sharing what Narada said to Vishnu
when he visted earth once...'it is a good life one can
have on earth'. I can add: and it can be a miserable
life as well...

There must be lots of suffering
There must be lots of battling
Before it will be peace within

--- kpauljohnson <> wrote:

> This is in response to themes mentioned by several
> of you, an insight 
> that your comments inspired.  It seems to me that
> what Radha and John 
> have in common, and what is disastrous to the health
> of the 
> organization, isn't just that they are octogenarians
> but professional 
> Theosophists.  People who have been involved in the
> TS for well over 
> half a century and been in the inner circle of
> leadership almost that 
> long.  I had a much more positive personal
> relationship with Grace 
> Knoche than either John (negative) or Radha
> (nonexistent) but she 
> exemplified the same pattern.  Born into Theosophy,
> no meaningful 
> professional engagement outside the Theosophical
> world, in the inner 
> circle her entire life.  
> My experience with ARE was quite unlike that with
> the TS in that no 
> one ever said or wrote a critical word about my book
> on Cayce.  It 
> just didn't inspire controversy despite being in
> some ways the most 
> critical book ever written about him.  But it was
> very much like the 
> TS experience in that there was a cadre of
> professional Cayceites who 
> ran everything and always would and outsiders would
> forever be so.  
> One had normal conversations with all the other
> members, but there 
> was always something strained for me with the
> professional AREers or 
> the professional Theosophists.
> I conclude that in both these cases and most others,
> the self-styled 
> elites are in fact parasites who could not make it
> in the real world 
> yet presume to preach to those who can and do. 
> (Algeo's success in 
> linguistics acknowledged as a sign that he's more
> than *just* a 
> professional Theosophist.)  Term limits are the only
> way to prevent 
> takeovers by parasitical elites.  Every library
> board, every 
> nonprofit board I've ever belonged to had term
> limits, and none of 
> them ever had the kind of problems I've seen with
> so-
> called "spiritual" organizations. 

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