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Re: Theos-World Ratzinger

Apr 19, 2008 00:09 AM
by Cass Silva

Well there you go, Martin.  We don't get our names for nothing

Martin <> wrote:
          What's in a name?
The Ratsinger of Bremen used to take the children away
by playing his flute...!!!

--- Cass Silva <> wrote:

> Staged Victims Meeting Goes Awry as
> Benedict-Ratzinger Is Outed:
> He Himself Is Accused of Sheltering 19 Criminal
> Bishops
> From: The Fathers On the afternoon of April 17,
> 2008, Benedict-Ratzinger was off to the Catholic
> [sic] University of America, where he was to deliver
> what turned out to be an absolutely incomprehensible
> speech on education, filled with Ratzingerian-
> Kungian academic-speak. As the camera panned the
> cardinals and bishops in attendance, several of them
> were caught dozing off. Most were simply bored. 
> But before that, Benedict-Ratzinger was hustled
> off to a quickie "secret" meeting with some
> hand-picked victims of his bishops' and presbyters'
> sex crimes, the crimes that he himself has been
> aiding and abetting since April 30, 2001, when he
> was appointed by JPII as Sex Crimes Czar and given
> complete responsibility for a clean-up. He has done
> essentially nothing. The Great Sex & Embezzlement
> Scandal continues unabated, with a 54 per cent
> increase in such crimes in 2007 over 2006, according
> to the statistics of the U.S. Conference of Catholic
> [sic] Bishops. 
> Here we go again. More "secrets." Isn't this what
> got JPII and Benedict-Ratzinger and their henchmen
> bishops into deep trouble in the first place?
> According to inside reports of the meeting, he
> issued yet another "apology." All talk; no action.
> No talk about stripping the criminal presbyters and
> bishops of any connection with Newchurch. No talk
> about turning the criminals over to the authorities
> for prosecution. No, Benedict-Ratzinger and his
> Newchurch of the New Order have learned nothing
> except how to do better propaganda. How to play the
> fox, how to spin crimes into virtues, how to do a
> snow-jobs on the ignorant Newchurchers and
> religion-dumb secular press. 
> Benedict-Ratzinger had turned down Boston
> Newcardinal Sean O'Malley's invitation to come to
> Boston, where his predecessor, Bernard Law, set off
> the Great Sex & Embezzlement Scandal, and where
> hundreds of victims have gone public. Thus, Newpope
> had to do something, so as not to make it look as if
> he were snubbing the invitation. Thus, the quickie
> 25-minute meeting with hand-picked "victims."
> Meanwhile, for year the disgraced Law has been
> housed by Benedict-Ratzinger in Rome in a palace,
> with a generous stipend, and a cushy sinecure. 
> But the meeting didn't go as planned. The victims
> had accused Benedict-Ratzinger himself of protecting
> some 19 of his U.S. Newchurch bishops "credibly
> accused" of the assault and rape of children. It was
> revealed that of the 19 bishops, none has lost his
> title, been publicly censured by Benedict-Ratzinger,
> or referred for criminal prosecutions. "The sexual
> corruption in the Catholic church starts at the very
> top," they said. Benedict-Ratzinger refused to
> reveal how many of his bishops themselves have been
> personally involved in sex crimes, but according to
> the Bishop Accountability list, almost one in ten
> U.s. bishops have themselves been publicly charged
> of assaulting and raping minors: 
> Juan Arzube+, Newchurch archdiocese of Los
> Angeles, California 
> Tod Brown, Newchurch bishop of Orange, California
> Paul Dudley+, Newchurch bishop of Sioux Falls,
> South Dakota 
> Thomas Dupre, Newchurch bishop of Springfield,
> Massachusetts 
> Joseph Ferrario, Newchurch bishop of Honolulu,
> Hawaii 
> Louis Gelineau, Newchurch bishop of Providence,
> Rhode Island 
> Timothy Harrington+, Newchurch bishop of
> Worcester, Massachusetts 
> Joseph Hart, Newchurch bishop of Cheyenne,
> Wyoming 
> Howard Hubbard, Newchurch bishop of Albany, New
> York 
> Anthony O'Connell, Newchurch bishop of Palm
> Beach, Florida 
> James Rausch, Newchurch bishop of Phoenix,
> Arizona 
> George Rueger, Newchurch bishop of Worcester,
> Massachusetts 
> Daniel Ryan, Newchurch bishop of Springfield,
> Illinois 
> William Skylstad, Newchurch bishop of Spokane,
> Washington 
> Lawrence Soens, Newchurch bishop of Sioux City,
> Iowa 
> Joseph Symons, Newchurch bishop of Palm Beach,
> Florida 
> Christopher Weldon+, Newchurch bishop of
> Springfield, Massachusetts 
> Kendrick Williams, Newchurch bishop of Lexington,
> Kentucky 
> Patrick Ziemann, Newchurch bishop of Santa Rosa,
> California 
> Good Catholics, Benedict-Ratzinger has taken no
> action against these criminal bishops of his. Nor
> has he addressed the embezzlement part of the
> scandal, with Newchurch bishops and presbyters
> charged and convicted of stealing multi-millions of
> dollars from their churches and parishes. The Roman
> satirist Juvenal made the ultimate comment on this
> situation, as he did on the corruption of ancient
> Rome, when he wrote his famous words: Quis custodiet
> ipsos custodes? 
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