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Apr 18, 2008 07:35 PM
by Cass Silva

Staged Victims Meeting Goes Awry as Benedict-Ratzinger Is Outed:
He Himself Is Accused of Sheltering 19 Criminal Bishops
From: The Fathers   On the afternoon of April 17, 2008, Benedict-Ratzinger was off to the Catholic [sic] University of America, where he was to deliver what turned out to be an absolutely incomprehensible speech on education, filled with Ratzingerian- Kungian academic-speak. As the camera panned the cardinals and bishops in attendance, several of them were caught dozing off. Most were simply bored. 
  But before that, Benedict-Ratzinger was hustled off to a quickie "secret" meeting with some hand-picked victims of his bishops' and presbyters' sex crimes, the crimes that he himself has been aiding and abetting since April 30, 2001, when he was appointed by JPII as Sex Crimes Czar and given complete responsibility for a clean-up. He has done essentially nothing. The Great Sex & Embezzlement Scandal continues unabated, with a 54 per cent increase in such crimes in 2007 over 2006, according to the statistics of the U.S. Conference of Catholic [sic] Bishops. 
  Here we go again. More "secrets." Isn't this what got JPII and Benedict-Ratzinger and their henchmen bishops into deep trouble in the first place? According to inside reports of the meeting, he issued yet another "apology." All talk; no action. No talk about stripping the criminal presbyters and bishops of any connection with Newchurch. No talk about turning the criminals over to the authorities for prosecution. No, Benedict-Ratzinger and his Newchurch of the New Order have learned nothing except how to do better propaganda. How to play the fox, how to spin crimes into virtues, how to do a snow-jobs on the ignorant Newchurchers and religion-dumb secular press. 
  Benedict-Ratzinger had turned down Boston Newcardinal Sean O'Malley's invitation to come to Boston, where his predecessor, Bernard Law, set off the Great Sex & Embezzlement Scandal, and where hundreds of victims have gone public. Thus, Newpope had to do something, so as not to make it look as if he were snubbing the invitation. Thus, the quickie 25-minute meeting with hand-picked "victims." Meanwhile, for year the disgraced Law has been housed by Benedict-Ratzinger in Rome in a palace, with a generous stipend, and a cushy sinecure. 
  But the meeting didn't go as planned. The victims had accused Benedict-Ratzinger himself of protecting some 19 of his U.S. Newchurch bishops "credibly accused" of the assault and rape of children. It was revealed that of the 19 bishops, none has lost his title, been publicly censured by Benedict-Ratzinger, or referred for criminal prosecutions. "The sexual corruption in the Catholic church starts at the very top," they said. Benedict-Ratzinger refused to reveal how many of his bishops themselves have been personally involved in sex crimes, but according to the Bishop Accountability list, almost one in ten U.s. bishops have themselves been publicly charged of assaulting and raping minors: 
   Juan Arzube+, Newchurch archdiocese of Los Angeles, California   
   Tod Brown, Newchurch bishop of Orange, California   
   Paul Dudley+, Newchurch bishop of Sioux Falls, South Dakota   
   Thomas Dupre, Newchurch bishop of Springfield, Massachusetts   
   Joseph Ferrario, Newchurch bishop of Honolulu, Hawaii   
   Louis Gelineau, Newchurch bishop of Providence, Rhode Island   
   Timothy Harrington+, Newchurch bishop of Worcester, Massachusetts   
   Joseph Hart, Newchurch bishop of Cheyenne, Wyoming   
   Howard Hubbard, Newchurch bishop of Albany, New York   
   Anthony O'Connell, Newchurch bishop of Palm Beach, Florida   
   James Rausch, Newchurch bishop of Phoenix, Arizona   
   George Rueger, Newchurch bishop of Worcester, Massachusetts   
   Daniel Ryan, Newchurch bishop of Springfield, Illinois   
   William Skylstad, Newchurch bishop of Spokane, Washington   
   Lawrence Soens, Newchurch bishop of Sioux City, Iowa   
   Joseph Symons, Newchurch bishop of Palm Beach, Florida   
   Christopher Weldon+, Newchurch bishop of Springfield, Massachusetts   
   Kendrick Williams, Newchurch bishop of Lexington, Kentucky   
   Patrick Ziemann, Newchurch bishop of Santa Rosa, California 
  Good Catholics, Benedict-Ratzinger has taken no action against these criminal bishops of his. Nor has he addressed the embezzlement part of the scandal, with Newchurch bishops and presbyters charged and convicted of stealing multi-millions of dollars from their churches and parishes. The Roman satirist Juvenal made the ultimate comment on this situation, as he did on the corruption of ancient Rome, when he wrote his famous words: Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? 

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