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Re: Theos-World TS Adyar President Election

Apr 16, 2008 06:32 AM
by MKR

As a followup, when I mulled over the msg, we should be thankful for the
letter, but for which we all would be in the dark about how Algeo seems to
be planning to operate remotely from the
USA. From day one of TS, the presidents have always lived and worked
full time in adyar. Also, in the days of old when there was
no Internet, the only source was the official publications which are
controlled by the bureaucracy. Now we
should thank Internet for being able to get info instantly across the world
and we should all be thankful for whomsover sought to up it up in the
cyberspace. Some of us in the USA, prior to seeing this letter from
Radha Burnier, got a letter from the national president in her personal
capacity and it did brought up the
issue of Radha's health only. It did not say anything about the age of Algeo
or how robust his physical
and mental health are and how he is planning to remote operate the
presidency. In the political
elections in the USA, the transparency of the health of the candidates
is paramount and that is why TV shows the
candidates jogging etc.

If Algeo plans to operate from the US remotely, then it looks to me
like as they say he wants to have the cake
as well as eat it. Let us see if the voting members feel very
desperate to have him lead the organization on his terms.

Also there was a mention in another msg about the website with his
background detaling his masonic activities
one wonders why this is relevant since masonic is supposed to be
unconnected with the society.

Also, it is my recollection
that in his younger days he was being trained for priesthood in the
catholic church and I see no mention
of this in the website. Can someone who knows, clarify this issue.

If it is true, then it may
be seen as an advantage or disadvantage in a candidate. One thing for sure,
the vatican has honed its
tricks and techniques over a long time and i am sure they teach all of them
during the training of priests.

My additional 0.02.


On 4/15/08, MKR <> wrote:
> I just received the following from cyberspace. It makes interesting
> reading
> and you decide for yourself.
> mkr
> ==============================================================
> Dear Colleague,
> This is to inform you that I have received 14 nominations from General
> Secretaries etc, who represent a totality of 17,037 votes. Dr John Algeo
> has
> received 21 nominations, representing a totality of 10,685 votes.
> I think we need younger people to be in charge of the Society's work and
> that they have to stay in Adyar. Dr. Algeo who is around 78, does not like
> the climate here, nor can he leave the United States for more than a short
> time, in view of his wife's condition. I believe that if elected he
> intends
> to work largely from America through e-mail and video conversations.
> It is necessary to have the right candidates for the officers of the
> Theosophical Society. I believe that Mrs Linda Oliveira and her husband,
> and
> some members from Britain , etc., will be coming to Adyar shortly, to stay
> and work here.
> You know very well that since Col. H.S. Olcott, all Presidents have lived
> at
> Adyar, and this was not merely a matter of their convenience. Adyar has
> been
> considered as a Spiritual Centre. From here the work of the Society can
> best
> send forth the power and blessing of the Elder Brethren. Such programmes
> as
> the International Convention and the School of the Wisdom, which are
> features of Adyar attract many members from around the world. Many of
> these
> members are able to return to their lodges with a greater understanding of
> the purpose of the Society and the work of the Founders.
> In my view it would not be a good thing to have somebody live in the
> United
> States and run Adyar by proxy. Adyar should be maintained as a living
> Headquarters for reasons which are obvious to those who know the history
> of
> the Society.
> Yours fraternally,
> Radha Burnier
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