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Senex vs. Puer

Apr 15, 2008 05:32 PM
by kpauljohnson

Hi Doss,

Generational tensions reflect spiritual ones, according to the 
Jungian notion of Puer vs. Senex.  Have seen this mentioned only in 
another forum that Chuck and I frequent, but it seems extremely 
relevant to the Theosophical situation.  Here's an article that 
applies it in, of all things, Buddhist context:

You wrote:
> When one looks at organizations, when you find spiritual 
organizations which grow are usually led by individuals young or 
middle aged...If you look around many sections and lodges, you will 
find them all mostly headed by grey haired leaders 

Here I am, a retiree, yet mostly without grey hair, to comment that 
the gerontocracy in Theosophy is a very serious problem.  If an 
oldster like me could be dismissed as an upstart who hasn't paid 
sufficient dues to be treated with respect, how old do you have to be 
to escape the dynamic of Senex-murdalizing-Puer?   84 trying to hang 
on to power, attacking 78 as too old to take over-- how bigger a clue 
could one have that this is a seriously dysfunctional organization?

> So are we going to continue the maintenance mode led by tired old 
folks with declining membership in %age? I am afraid that may be 
scenario that we are facing.
> Let us all hope and pray that some miracle may move the 
organization in a expansion mode.
> mkr
If such a miracle occurred for the TS, someone over 75 would figure 
out a way to f**k it up in honor of preserving the glorious imaginary 


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