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Re: Theos-World Re:2012 Enigma

Apr 07, 2008 05:03 PM
by Cass Silva

I believe this is what David Willcox is saying, that the Chakras represent different levels of consciousness and the process of collapsing the shakras into the unfied nested spheres we reach a channel to the centre, or wormgate through which other planes of existence (psychic and spiritual dimensions) are accessible.  He says, that the organ in the body, if not ossified, is through the pineal gland, which explains to me how after an accident or NDE the pineal gland must function as the silver cord connecting us to universal consciousness.  If anyone listened to the video I posted,"I survived a Stroke" also gives a fascinating overview of how we are still aware when our left hemisphere has closed down.

Leon Maurer <> wrote:
          Hi all,

Check out the diagram of the chakra fields as described in the ABC 
model of cosmogenesis**, that conforms perfectly with the cosmology 
of the Book of Dzyan, and is useful as a visualization when 
practicing the meditative system outlined in Patanjali's (Rajah) Yoga 
Aphorisms coupled with the Voice of the Silence -- which, taken 
together, are almost identical to the Esoteric meditative system 
described by Brian -- (which is more like a tantric version of 
kundalini yoga).

**See, ABC theory of cosmogenesis and illustrations at:

Note the analogous relationship between the 8 inner chakra field 
complex (and it's two higher fields of Atma-Buddhi centered in the 
eye chakra) related to the physical body's overall spiritual field 
(centered in the heart chakra) -- and the 8 fields (and its two 
higher fields of atma-buddhi centered above the brahma chakra) 
related to the astral body's spiritual field (centered in the naval 
chakra) and linked, analogously, to the physical body's heart chakra. 
(Essentially, all zero-point centers of consciousness throughout the 
body (cellular, etc,) are entangled with the center of global self 
consciousness located in the naval chakra point.)

This analogous and corresponding relationship is the basis of "As 
above, so below" -- which holographically extends and applies up to 
and through the entire cosmos and every sentient being in it. Thus 
at the primal beginning, the sleeping (pralaya) cosmos had its 
circumference everywhere (spinergy) and its center (consciousness) 
nowhere. And, after manifestation (manvantara) it is just the 
reverse. It follows, as the Buddha said, that both consciousness and 
matter are "dependently arising" out of "sunyata" or emptiness (of 
form or being). Therefore "sunyata" is just as real as everything 
that stems from it

Since visualization is centered in the pineal or eye chakra, 
meditating on and understanding these relationships will aid in 
visualizing the ultimate merger of all the higher monadic (atma- 
buddhi-manas) zero-point chakra centers of the physical, astral, 
mental, spiritual bodies, and the corresponding solar bodies, 
galactic bodies, etc.

When all these higher chakra field's zero point centers are 
correlated (merged) between the three human bodies, along with the 
corresponding solar and cosmic (monad chakra field) bodies and the 
total unity of the self with all selves is realized -- samadhi 
(enlightenment) is experienced, and at-one-ment of the body, mind and 
soul with the conscious Laya point source of all, is achieved. 
Remember that the holographic *information* for the structure of all 
these bodies, is stored everywhere in every zero-point "spinergy" 
center of every chakra field.

This state corresponds with the "union" of the body's male and female 
energies... But such a rajah yoga meditative method can -- by 
visualization alone solely through the higher mind -- directly lift 
our consciousness from the physical plane to the spiritual plane, 
along with the automatic control of the breath, and the flow of chi 
energy through the "Nadi" channels.. Although there's nothing wrong 
with assisting this flow by placing the tongue against the roof of 
the mouth... Although no physical or tantric "positions" or special 
"breathing" are necessary for the dedicated rajah yoga 
meditator. ;-) BTW, such a "meditation with a seed," as taught by 
Patanjali, can be carried out anywhere, at any time, so long as one 
can close off all distracting sensory and mental images, operate the 
body under auto pilot, and concentrate on the mental visualizations 
alone... Although I wouldn't do it while crossing streets or driving 
in heavy traffic. ;-)

Hope this helps.

Best wishes,

Leon Maurer

On Apr 4, 2008, at 4/4/085:03 PM, brian scanlon wrote:

> The Turanian Ancestral Taoist system -(a version of
> the pre-Aryan/Atlantian system (Which the Aryan system
> is the "Pre-Vedic system") developed and evolved by the
> Turanians, teaches that the "Chakras" are actualy
> united into one large Chakra, when one opens the
> "Microcosmic orbit" (which is connecting the two most
> important of the "8 Mysterious Vessels/Channels" and
> increasing the flow of "Chi' within it) -
> The Microcosmic orbit is a core component of Turanian
> Alchemy, and a very very important aspect of the
> Esoteric System, which is missing from many of the
> surviving national branchs, and/or it was re-imported
> into modern systems, during the 1600-1800's. It is
> essentialy a path bisecting the body in half, along
> the center line of the body.It starts on the front of
> the body within the tongue, than travels down the
> chest to the groin, back to the tail bone, up the
> spine, to the top of the head, ending in the roof of
> the mouth, which when the tongue is placed there,
> completes the "Circuit" for the Etheric/Pranic energy
> to flow freely. It is Ovoid Shape, and is a
> microcosmic version of the Macroscosmic "Cosmic Egg".
> The most interesting point, is that when the
> Microcosmic path is opened fully, the chakras unite
> into one strong Chakra field. At this time true
> spiritual resurection can be practised and the Male
> and Female energies of the Body can be united. At this
> point, the body becomes a Neutral pole, or a Laya
> Center as we say in Theosophy, or Zero point.

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