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Re: Theos-World Gone from menís sight -

Oct 07, 2007 10:24 PM
by Cass Silva

John King was dead.  What's Olcott doing talking to the dead?

Sveinn Freyr <> wrote:
          List members -

Who is the "English philosopher" ?

~ S. F.

>From Old Diary Leaves Vol I

.... John King brought four of the Masters to my attention, of whom
one was a Copt, one a representative of the Neo Platonist Alexandrian
school, one&shy;a very high one, a Master of the Masters, so to say&shy;a
Venetian, and one an English philosopher, gone from men?s sight, yet
not dead. The first of these became my first Guru, and a stern
disciplinarian he was, indeed, a man of splendid masculinity of character.


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