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Re: [jcs-online] Re: Spiritual experience and "anti-structure"

Oct 07, 2007 01:36 PM
by Leon Maurer

On Aug 6, 2007, at 8/6/0711:29 PM, wrote:

> Quantum physics has established the validity of non-locality. Non- 
> locality
> is an attribute of what normally is called empty space, including  
> the empty
> space within the boundaries of the atom, including the empty space  
> within our
> heads, also known as Zero Point Energy or ZPE.  Both concepts are  
> accepted  as
> scientific facts .  Puthoff showed us in 1987 that all atomic  
> particles,
> which are moving, derive an energy from this empty space or ZPE  
> that balances  the
> energy the moving particle radiates away. Did you ever wonder how  
> atoms can
> spin and do their thing forever?  Physicists in the know argue  
> about how  much
> energy this empty space has.  Non-locality is the attribute which  
> has  the
> capability of instantaneous connection.  The ZPE is considered by  
> some  as a
> single entity. A single entity which is non-local, fuels all  
> matter, and
> connects everything as a what would you call it?

Well, since you describe this ZPE as being *omnipresent* ("non- 
local") and *omnipotent* ("fuels all matter, and connects everything  
as a whole") -- we might just call it the "Singularity" of Einstein's  
General Relativity, or the "G-Force of fundamental or primal SPACE  
underlying our space-time continuum and everything in it"...  But, if  
we add consciousness (awareness, will, discernment, discrimination,  
determination, etc.) or *omniscience* to those attributes -- we could  
call it "God".  Of course, this would force us to consider;

(1) That consciousness, or pure subjectivity, is the inherent quality  
of that dimensionless and timeless absolute Primal SPACE eternally  
existing prior to the Big Bang -- as the absolute static zero-point  
center of the abstract motion of the primal G-force, i.e., infinite  
angular [SPIN] momentum... That is the fundamental power source of  
the ZPE located everywhere in the Planck vacuum throughout the entire  

(2); That potential physical (i.e., empirical) *matter-energy*  
fields. e.g., particles, atoms, molecules, etc., are empowered by all  
the coenergetic fields of G-force (ZPE) in the Planck vacuum between  
and within the individual particles and the absolute zero-point  
(empty) Primal SPACE.  Incidentally, these fields, postulated in my  
ABC model as fractally involved, like bubbles within bubbles within  
bubbles, etc., could be the 7 hyperspace dimensions postulated by 11  
dimension superstring/M-brane theory -- that are enfolded in the sub  
quantum Planck space, and also permeating and surrounding all  
physical forms up to the Cosmos itself. Also, the surface of these  
fields composed of spiraling positive and negative lines, rays or  
superstrings of G-force could be the "branes".  See: <http://> ...

(3) That, since, each such zero-point center of ZPE would also be the  
center (located everywhere) of the entire, apparently spherical  
Cosmos, we could assume everything in the universe is fundamentally  
holographic in nature... And that, between each particle and the zero- 
point there must be a series of ascending frequency-energy orders or  
phases of coenergetic (electromagnetically resonant), radiant  
hyperspace fields, comprising the ZPE, that would carry the  
information of Cosmic consciousness, including all the constructive  
knowledge or blueprints of everything in the Cosmos -- as holographic  
wave interference patterns on their field surfaces.  Initially, prior  
to the Big Bang, this "information" could be the memory of the  
previous cyclic manifestation of the entire Cosmos, including all its  
individual galaxies, star systems, etc. -- with, apparently, all  
substantial forms of matter down through sentient beings, following  
analogous cyclic processes of periodic birth, growth, and death...  
All such cycles being based on the ubiquitous fundamental or original  
spin empowering the associated ZPE, etc.

If we carry this model forward to Human consciousness, these ZPE  
fields could be the non-local electrodynamic media of storage and  
transference of the holographically encoded wave interference  
patterns, comprising the "information of consciousness" (awareness,  
will, intent, etc.), both efferent and afferent, between mind,  
memory, brain transduction & processing system, neuromuscular system,  
sensory inputs, etc. -- all of which forms, down to the smallest  
cell, particle, micro-particle, etc., would have analogous descending  
orders of coenergetic fields surrounding their zero-points of  
origination carrying their structural information -- analogous to the  
stored DNA information in every cell of the entire body.

So, I think there is no question that non Locality, infinite spin,  
holographic paradigm, zero-point entanglement, permanence of  
consciousness, etc., could be among the essential aspects of overall  
nature that enable the phenomenal expressions of individual  
consciousness (perception, will, qualia, discernment, discrimination,  
decision, etc.) and also can explain almost all of the repeatedly  
reported or observed psi phenomena, such as ASC, OBE, NDE,  
precognition, etc.

Hopefully, science will be able to eventually prove all this in the  
not too distant future.  And, if not too late, such universal  
knowledge, if accepted, might radically change the motivations of  
most people -- whose selfishness, based on the belief in the  
separateness and impermanence of consciousness, is probably the root  
cause of most of the world's problems -- especially during these  
difficult and uncertain times in the affairs of mankind -- that seems  
to be leading it towards a catastrophic collapse of one kind or another.

I wouldn't hold my breath, though -- considering the way most people,  
including scientists, hang onto their conditioned beliefs and  
preconceptions. ;-)

Best wishes,

Leon Maurer 

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