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Ramana Maharshi

Oct 02, 2007 07:08 AM
by stillpointed

Positive social change and personal self-fulfillment are typically 
hindered by human stress. Stress is known to activate short-term 
thinking, which prevents the solution to the many difficulties 
facing humanity.  Attempts to create positive social change under 
stress are more likely to spread it.    Stress is contagious, 
spreading from person to person.  

The resolution of stress holds the promise of a shift to long-term 
thinking and a sustainable society.  Of course, people may want to 
know what signs indicate a reduction of stress is occurring and what 
signs indicate its persistence.   

The awareness of stress itself and a felt need to reduce it is 
crucial.  Often, however, the condition of stress becomes habituated 
and is not apparent. Stress is often diagnosed as a physical or 
mental condition under a different label.  Some other symptoms of 
stress may be the feeling of separateness or lack of self-
fulfillment.  It also may be fair to say that a "workaholic" is an 
individual who is driven by stress. Thus, some people may need to 
look more deeply into themselves to get in touch with the actuality 
of stress.   

A sign that stress is reducible may begin with the discovery of some 
consistent means of relaxation appropriate to the individual.   
There are many forms of meditation, exercise, and visualization 
regimes waiting to be discovered.   The sage Ramana Maharshi 
suggested self-inquiry through the repeated question, "who am I," as 
a means of transcending the stress which limits the full sense of 

"Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi was probably the most famous Indian 
sage of the twentieth century. He was renowned for his saintly life, 
for the fullness of his self-realization, and for the feelings of 
deep peace that visitors experienced in his presence." Ramana Maharshi  (picture included) 

A significant sign of stress reduction can be experienced in face-to-
face communication that occurs with mutual understanding and 
equanimity.  Such communication can also be contagious as it spreads 
from person to person. 

Ed, in Florida

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