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Madhva's Warning Sums Up His View

May 11, 2007 01:17 PM
by danielhcaldwell

In the entry for "Madhva" in THE OXFORD COMPANION TO PHILOSOPHY, one 
finds the following highly illuminating remarks:

...Warning that you cannot adore God if you think that you are 
identical with him, he [Madhva] also celebrates all five differences 
denied by the idealist monists, namely,

God...[is distinct from] the world, 

God...[is distinct from you or I am distinct from God],

I... [am distinct from] you,

I...[am distinct from] the table,

the table...[is distinct from] the chair....

Liberation, attainable only through devoted worship of the personal 
God, brings blissful proximity to, but never equality with, God, 
though some sinners (non-dualists?) remain eternally damned!


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