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May 08, 2007 08:14 PM
by Cass Silva

As I needed to type this for another group, thought it a good opportunity to post it on Theos.I am 'symbolically' challenged but this helped me grasp a little more.  What I still don't get though is why the necessity to express 'man's nature' or the nature of the cosmos in geometry?  Can anyone answer this question for me?
  It relates to Stanza IV in the Secret Doctrine
  SLOKA 3 gives the second occult number, the 31415 = 14 or 2 x 7, the complete number of the Forces in Nature, a double seven because of the duality and polarisation of the Cosmos.  It is, as the Sloka says, the number of the Flames, the Elements, the Builders, etc.
  The number 31415 is the symbolical number of the great orders of the Dhyan Chohans or Angelic Builders.  In Kabbalistic Symbolism it is the 'number' of the Elohim, the Creators of "Heaven and Earth" referred to in the First Chapter of Genesis.
  Many other permutations of these numbers may be worked out;
  the simplest is expressed in the geometrical sequence:- triangle - line- square-line Pentagram, as a symbol of the whole nature of man.  
  The triangle represents the three spiritual principles (atma - buddhi - higher manas; at our level)
  The line indicates "plus one", i.e. 3 + 1 = 4, giving four, the number of the 'aspects' or 'temporary vestures of man (lower mind, astral, physical, etheric and dense body)
  Cass: I would have thought physical and dense body the same?.  To continue,
  4 + 1 = 5, the symbol which denotes the beginning of spiritual progress.  The entry of Spirit into matter begins the regeneration of matter, and this is expressed in the pentagram as a symbol of man, as a spiritual creative entity.
  The remaining Slokas of Stanza 1V indicate some of the further combinations in which the numbers can be viewed, Slokas V and V1 leading to a hint of the formation of the Solar System with seven planets plus ' our Sun' which is the 'Eighth left out'. 
  Sloka V1 includes the 'Lipika', the Scribes or Recorders, the Cosmic Entities concerned with the eternal record and imprint of everything that happens in the Cosmos.
  Would appreciate anyone's views 

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