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Cosmological Notes from A. P. Sinnett's MS. Book

May 08, 2007 00:41 AM
by danielhcaldwell

Cosmological Notes 
from A. P. Sinnett's MS. Book

In my previous posting, I mentioned the above document which can be 
found at:

About one year ago, I was working on a more helpful and readable 
version of these Cosmological Notes.  I even started adding related 
historical material.  I see that the draft is still incomplete (at 
least the historical introduction I was attempting to add) but I 
publish it since some students may find it of some use.  It will be 
found at:

Helpful definitions and commentary on many of the Tibetan and 
Sanskrit terms used in these "Cosmological Notes" can be found in 
David and Nancy Reigle's book BLAVATSKY'S SECRET BOOKS.

Hope some of this helps.


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