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HPB Collected Writings version 2.0 with all Greec and Hebrew now filled in

May 07, 2007 09:02 AM
by Ton den Hartog


it was a LOT of work but I finally finished to have all Greec and Hebrew in the CWO web-version. I scanned in all Greec and Hebrew from the book, I first planned tu use Unicode bat that was WAY too much work and also would have created a lot of unreliable conversions as I know little or nothing abot these languages and also using the righ accents is not so easy with Unicode, often not supported and often of high impotance in what HPB it telling is her writings.I may not have found all Greek and Hebrew yet as the conversion could not be made from the CDROM but I am prettty sure I have found 99% of them.
The relative high visitors statistics motivated to take this last action that took a lot of effort. Now I hope some of you are interested in the Greec and Hebrew. Not every article has it but for example was a hard one to crack for sure :-). 

Have fun with it !

Ton den Hartog

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