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Re: Theos-World H.P.B. did NOT hesitate to point out Pseudo-Theosophy....

May 04, 2007 07:41 PM
by hari9896

> If one believes in the bonafides of HPB and her Masters and of their
> teachings, etc.,, then I would suggest that their words on this
> particular topic are worthy of careful consideration and serious
> discussion.
> Daniel
We can believew in the bonafides of HPB and her Masters alright but 
that does not mean that they necessarily knew everything. Their denial 
of the existence of the Personal God in particular does not seem to be 
correct. Great incarnate Masters like Yogananda and Sivananda have 
confirmed His existence. Sri Ramana Maharishi said "Ishvara is Brahman 
as qualified by Maya" But Ishvara has complete control over Maya. It is 
claimed in Advaita Vedanta of Sri Shankaracharya that man can share in 
all the powers of God except the creation and destruction of universes 
Thus man can become Brahman but he cannot become Ishvara.

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