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Re: [Mind and Brain] Open Question.

May 03, 2007 06:55 PM
by leonmaurer

In a message dated 4/19/07 8:40:31 PM, writes:
> Chris Lofting <> wrote: Self-referencing does it. 
> The whole is encoded in all parts
> Jim:::The problem with that is that it turns a simple homogeneous part into 
> a complex structure - as how else could the whole be encoded in the part. So 
> instead of having a whole with a number of homogeneous parts, we have a mass 
> of many tiny complex structures. Then, I suppose that creates a new whole 
> which is more complex than the original whole, and that new more complex whole 
> must now be encoded into each of the parts of the formerly homogeneous parts 
> (before the first encoding) and so forth, with the need to always encode the 
> new whole into all the parts.
>  Jim
[LM] The problem only exists if we base our scientific reasoning on the 
assumption that physical matter is the primary root of all existence... When, in 
actuality, all such matter is composed of fundamental (i.e., non dimensional, 
infinitely energetic and infinitely divisible/extensible) absolute Mother SPACE 
in various modes of linear motion.   Therefore, nothing is separate from 
anything else, and separate parts are simply illusory aspects (as material objects 
or radiant fields) of an infinite hologram extending throughout all of that 
primal SPACE.

To understand this; Refer to the primal "singularity" of that SPACE 
underlying this whole material universe pictured as; Pure "spin" -- on at least three 
axis in both clockwise and counterclockwise circular (non linear) motion -- at 
infinite angular momentum around a zero-point of absolute stasis (the root of 
eternal consciousness)... Which, after "awakening" (big bang) at the primal 
beginning -- radiates (as a dual polarity) in an endless spirally vortical 
Mobius loop, and then (with the central point rotating on all three perpendicular 
axes) fractally involves spherically, in a continuous harmonic series of 
coenergetic (electrodynamic) fields of descending orders of frequency energy... 
That, after the initial three iterations (logos), becomes the metric space time 

After this physical space-tme's initial inflation and breaking of symmetry, 
fundamental particles appear (on the surfaces of its lowest order fractally 
involved coenergetic fields) as standing waves of varying frequency-energies, 
each having analogous fractally involved fields spirally and vortically 
encircling their originating centers of zero-point SPACE.   (We might look at these 
fields as the higher order harmonics and sub harmonics, etc., of the fundamental 
particle-wave)   These fundamental particles (quark's) then coalesce into 
quantum particles or fermions, that combine into atoms, then molecules -- to 
eventually evolve into every physical form though all the kingdoms of nature, 
mineral, vegetable and animal, up to the ultimate peak of organic sentient mind 
beings -- Mankind... Who now can contemplate the true nature of all being... 
Hopefully, without getting sidetracked along the way by the illusions of sensory 
observations and preconceived matter-only notions, further blind-sided by the 
technological advances of material science and its mass media, not to mention 
the ubiquitousness of literacy and its ability to misinform as well as inform. 

Since the original Spinergy (and all its reflected zero-points of 
configuration space-time) contains the holographic interference patterned archetypal 
memories of all the Cosmos' previous periods of manifestation, this primal 
information remains encoded in all fractally descending coenergetic fields.   Thus, 
each part of any phenomenal form of mass-energy (E/M= [Lv/t]^2) is composed of 
that infinitely divisible space, and is, in effect, nothing more than a series 
of wave interference patterned holograms representing every part of any 
relatively stable composite form of matter.   

It follows that every zero-point in the 3-D metric space of this universe 
must contain, in its fractally involved higher order hyperspace fields of 
universal archetypal memory, the relatively infinitely complex hologram of the entire 
cosmos along with all its parts.   Making the entire Cosmos an infinitely 
complex hologram, which has infinitely fine resolution at its initial highest 
energy order triune monadic field on the plane of pure ideation (that is mirrored 
in the primal zero-point spinergy of Mother or ground SPACE.   Is this why 
the Master yogi's claim that -- when consciousness can arrive at an absolutely 
still and silent condition after mind has been emptied of all thought images, 
and rests in that state of pure Samadhi or pure contemplative concentration -- 
all universal knowledge (contained, apparently, in that highest order field of 
consciousness reflecting the primal spinergy) can be accessed and retrieved 
at will?

This nature of fundamental holographic reality, apparently encoded right from 
the beginning in the zero-point spinergy source of each fractally involved 
coenergetic field, appears to be the basis of an electrodynamic (magnetic) 
holographic matrix that accounts for the DNA molecule being replicated in every 
cell of each organic form of life.   And, further, seems to be the basis of all, 
so far unexplained, aspects of nature -- besides mind images, memory storage, 
etc. -- such as psychic phenomena, altered states of consciousness, dreams, 
etc., as well as all the paradoxes, anomalies, and inconsistencies between 
classical, relativity and quantum physics... Such scientific theories being 
apparently correct only within their limited physical micro or macro realms capable 
of being mathematically described, and experimentally or observationally 


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