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Dec 26, 2006 07:44 AM
by carlosaveline


Perhaps one can assess the inner vitality of the ULT by the preference given to it --  as a blank --  by those whose apparent 'vow' is to attack Theosophy and its vehicles and tools in the world.   
Attacks, especially unjust attackes,  are the test for real learners, individual or collective. After all, learners do need some 'comparatively high temperatures' to die at lower levels of consciousness,  and be born again ( id. est, to get gradually 'twice born') in higher levels of vibration. 

>From this perspective, there is nothing wrong with the moral crucification promoted against HPB and which goes on even today, as there is nothing wrong with painting St. Germain and other Initiates as frauds, since they cannot be easily burned alive any longer.   

At an individual level, therefore, HPB would  probably be  glad to say 'sincere thanks' to her  traitors and enemies.

The problem with the attacks against the HPB/Masters core of the theosophical movement --  a core which includes the Edmonton TS as well as the Pasadena TS, Point Loma groups and the ULT  -- is the same problem with sowing dissension and exaggerating differences among these groups.  
Such  gossips  reduce the effectiveness of the movement, whose aim is to serve humanity at large and not discuss personalities or phenomena.  

Regards,  Carlos. 

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