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Mr. Aveline has a Golden Opportunity here....will he....?

Dec 19, 2006 08:09 AM
by danielhcaldwell

Mr. Aveline writes about Gregory Tillett:

....his lack of real information on the ULT -- a Theosophy-centered 
informal network of people -- is overwhelmingly great.....

Here on Theos-Talk Mr. Aveline has a GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY to
share with Dr. Tillett and every Theos-Talk reader REAL INFORMATION
on the ULT.

If it is really true as Mr. Aveline pronounces that Tillett's lack of 
real info on ULT is OVERWHELMINGLY GREAT, then I hope Mr. Aveline 
will actually provide Theos-Talk with the information that poor Dr. 
Tillett doesn't have.

If Mr. Aveline does not step up and provide us with this needed 
information, then in the future I don't think Mr. Aveline should ever 
speak out on this subject again since he could have made the 
necessary difference by providing the facts.


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