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HPB: "Nothing With Masonry"

Dec 13, 2006 09:27 AM
by carlosaveline

HPB explained in no half-words  that disciples of the Masters have nothing to do with modern masonic organizations.  
She wrote in 1889 for ‘La  Revue Théosophique’, in Paris:  
“As far as we  are concerned,  disciples of the Masters of the Orient as we are, we have nothing to do with modern Masonry.  The real secrets of symbolic Masonry are lost, as Ragon, by the way, proves very well. The keystone, the central stone of the arch built by the royal dynasties of Initiates  – ten times prehistoric – has been shaken loose since the close of the lastest mysteries.  The task of destruction,  or  rather of strangulation  and suffocation begun by the Caesars, has finally been completed, in Europe, by the Fathers of the Church. Imported again, since those days, from the sanctuaries of the Far East, the sacred stone was cracked and finally broken into a thousand pieces.” (1) 
So HPB says most clearly that “disciples of the Masters of the Orient” indeed “have nothing to do with modern Masonry”.   
And the other way around, of course. 
But this is in the occult and strict sense. 
Although having nothing to do with ritualism, HPB and the theosophists had  friendly relations with some of the members of the Masonry. 
Regards,   Carlos. 
(1) “A Danger Signal”, a text published in the “HPB Collected Writings”, TPH, India/USA, 1973, volume XI, p. 181. 
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