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Re: Theos-World Elden B Tucker

Dec 10, 2006 06:05 PM
by Duane Carpenter

Dear Cass
  Thank you for your inquiry about colored postings. Colored symbols and Mystical poetry can be analized by the lower mind but it is in the higher mind and intuition that they have the most influence. I see from this post that you have made  Eldon Tucker's private Email address. I will send him an inquiry directly. Perhaps he does not read all the posts?
   A Poem by Rumi:
  I have lived on the lip of insanity,
  wanting to know reasons,
  knocking on a door.
  It opens.
  I have been knocking from the inside!
   Translated by Coleman Banks

Cass Silva <> wrote:
          My other group allows pictures to be uploaded to the home site and can then be viewed by members?


Duane Carpenter <> wrote: Hi Elden
I have made several attempts to attach colored files to my post. I understand that post with attachments are automatically deleted because of the potential of viruses. Is there some way that these colored graphic files that are all on esoteric and occult subjects be screened or moderated before they come up on Theos-talk ? Is there some way I could send you samples of this work directly for your perusal?
Thank you for the opportunity to share on Theos-talk D-

Eldon B Tucker <> wrote:
I'm not sure why people are wondering how many subscribers there are
on the various theosophical mailing lists. Anyone can go to, search on "Theosophy", and see a count of subscribers. 

Looking at the moment, the current counts show for 'zines:

1290 Theosophy World
179 Lucifer7

and for lists:

656 Anand Gholap (private pro-Leadbeater)
302 theos-talk (this list)
285 theosophy_
185 blavatsky-study (pro-Blavatsky)
53 theosophy
46 theosophia
31 theos-l (mirgated from recently)
23 theosophy1 (private pro-Leadbeater)

There may still be a theos-fight list, but I don't see it listed in
the Yahoo directory.

(Blavatsky-Study is the one I understand the least, since a few years
ago both Dallas and I were banned from that list without explanation.)


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