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Tricksters and Little Tricks in a Wider Perspective

Dec 08, 2006 12:28 PM
by cardosoaveline


We have to deal all the time with people of various kinds. Marcus 
Aurelius, the emperor-philosopher, wrote about that in 
his 'Meditations'. 

Some people are incapable of thinking,  except on personalistic 
gossips. Being uncapable of a philosophical view of things, they 
limit themseles to baseless criticisms, which are often made against 
the great souls who serve mankind.    

These are but little and daily tests to our independent resolve to 
keep inner peace at heart,  and to go on acting as correctly as we 

Of course we need to make criticisms, as HPB expressed when she 
wrote about a fourth object in the theosophical movement, that of 
fighting blind belief, etc. (See "Original Programme'.)  

But we must evaluate, judge and criticize out of our best sense of 
justice and in all fairness. 

And even this should of secondary importance to us, since the only 
important battle is fought within our own souls.

Take a moment, for instance,  to consider this paragraph:   

" 'SELF-KNOWLEDGE is of loving deeds the child,' says The Voice of 
the Silence. Hence, H.P.B. lays great emphasis on Altruism. She 
describes it as the keynote of Theosophy and an integral part of 
self-development. Forgetfulness of personal self and sincere 
altruism is the sine qua non condition to be practised, which will 
enable one to live the higher life. Man is the Microcosm of the 
Macrocosm, as man is identical in essence with the One Reality and 
also the manifested Ishwara. Hence, man reflects in himself the 
forces, faculties, powers, potentialities and possibilities that are 
in Nature. They are dormant now. They will manifest when we unite 
ourselves with the Krishna within us and act from the plane of 

It has been taken from an article entitled "Spiritual Knowledge and 
Powers", in 'The Theosophical Movement', December 2004. It points to 
fundamental questions in life.  

See more of this inspiring text clicking at

Best regards,  as Christmas time gets nearer,



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