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GdeP on DhyanChohans

Dec 06, 2006 08:14 PM
by Carl Ek

GdeP on DhyanChohans

A compound word meaning "lords of meditation" -- kosmic spirits or 
planetary spirits. There are three classes of dhyan-chohans, each of 
which is divided into seven subclasses. The dhyan-chohans 
collectively are one division of that wondrous host of spiritual 
beings who are the full-blown flowers of former world periods or 
manvantaras. This wondrous host are the men made perfect of those 
former world periods; and they guide the evolution of this planet in 
its present manvantara. They are our own spiritual lords, leaders, 
and saviors. They supervise us now in our evolution here, and in our 
own present cyclic pilgrimage we follow the path of the general 
evolution outlined by them. 

Man in his higher nature is an embryo dhyan-chohan, an embryo lord 
of meditation. It is his destiny, if he run the race successfully, 
to blossom forth at the end of the seventh round as a lord of 
meditation -- a planetary spirit -- when this planetary manvantaric 
kalpa is ended, this Day of Brahma, which is the seven rounds, each 
round in seven stages. 

In one most important sense the dhyan-chohans are actually our own 
selves. We were born from them. We are the monads, we are the atoms, 
the souls, projected, sent forth, emanated, by the dhyanis.

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