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Re: M K Ramadoss & Dallas Remembered

Dec 06, 2006 07:25 AM
by fairemaidenofchatshire

Dear MKR... I am sorry, but not surprised, *sigh*, to hear that 
there was not much feedback on Dallas' passing, especially in light 
of his vast contribution to Theos-Talk...

I am a 'reader' of Theos-Talk... I think I have actually 
participated in a discussion only once, and that had to do with the 
astrological doings of the Theosophical Society and the date/dates 
of actual incorporation so as to plot a proper chart...

Be that as it may, what brought me to Theos-Talk to begin with was 
the opportunity to become more familiar with Theosophy... Alas, what 
I found at Theos-Talk is so much egomania that I have not 'wanted' 
to participate, and have been only reading the posts for almost two 
years now... and of those, Dallas' posts were the only ones that 
made it to my inbox... All others were, and still are, automatically 
delegated to my junk box where I can peruse them at leisure...

For me, Dallas was the best of the bunch... He was a gentle soul who 
responded to questions from a 'soul' level, not the level 
of 'personality' as I see most here do... He answered questions and 
inquiries with actual major citings of Theosophical works, not his 
own interpretations and ego projections... He came across to me as a 
gentle man who wasn't interested in 'convincing' anyone, but to 
rather 'expose' others to the truths and possibilities of Theosophy 
so they could come to it on their own... He seemed always to let 
Theosophy speak for itself... and I appreciated that approach 
everso... It was Dallas' 'knowledge' and 'utter familiarity' of 
Theosophy's works and workings that caused me to place my trust in 
his sharings... and his 'manner' of sharing that made me recognize 
him as a person of integrity.

Thank you for sharing your remembrance of Dallas with me... I did 
not know anything 'personal' about Dallas at all, but with your 
sharing, have come to realize even more just how much he wished to 
serve us, his fellow brothers and sisters, along our way by 
overcoming any trepidation of modern technology... I will always 
remember Dallas with great affection.


--- In, "M K Ramadoss" <mkr777@...> wrote:

I agree with your sentiments. There were not many feedback on his 
passing and he truly tried to share his understanding of theosophy 
and the historical info regarding the theosophical movement.

>From my perspective, one of the fascinating aspects of Dallas was, 
in spite of his age he was quick to understand the power of Internet 
and took advantage of it and vigorously participated in the e-mail 
forums. Generally, older individuals are slow to adopt the latest 
technology, and theosophical folks are not an exception to this.


On 12/5/06, fairemaidenofchatshire <FairesFortune@...> wrote:

M K Ramadoss..

Thank you so much for responding to my inquiry... I am saddened to 
hear of Dallas' passing... a great loss for us... Of all the souls 
posting here, I enjoyed his sharing the most, and will miss him 


--- In <>, "M 
K Ramadoss" <mkr777@> wrote:

Sometime ago he passed away. That is why you have not heard from him.


On 12/3/06, fairemaidenofchatshire <FairesFortune@> wrote:

I've been out of the internet loop for awhile, and am wondering where
Dallas is... I don't see him posting here anymore.

Thanks to any who answer.


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