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FOHAT magazine

Dec 03, 2006 07:20 AM
by carlosaveline

Dear Friends, 
"Fohat", the  magazine published by the Edmonton Theosophical Society, Canada, has been playing a key role in the theosophical movement. 
See something on this quarterly publication, below.  
You can get more at

Regards,  Carlos. 


Welcome to Fohat Magazine
Fohat magazine is a quarterly publication put out by Edmonton Theosophical Society. It was begun in the Spring of 1997 and has run continuously since that time. It addresses contemporary and historical issues arising out of the study of the occult wisdom tradition as expounded by the founders of the Theosophical Society in their original works. I will leave you with the magazine's mission statement which effectively describes the spirit of the magazine. Namastae!
Fohat's Mission
With humanity now at a crossroads with respect to its future evolution, the time is right for a magazine that will help to create the environment needed for every aspiring individual to realize his or her own inner potential. Words by themselves are lifeless shells if they do not find a home in an individual possessed of a good will bent towards manifesting Truth in self so as to eventually come to that state where Father and Son are one. Today, Man is bombarded by empty dogma from every corner. Words are twisted in order to serve the selfish desires of the few. Confusion and ignorance reign supreme. How do we lift ourselves from this state of darkness?


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