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Quote for Sunday, Dec. 3

Dec 02, 2006 04:02 PM
by Mark Jaqua

Quote for Sunday, Dec. 3

	"There is a very great difference 
between the Theosophical Movement and any 
Theosophical Society.  The Movement is 
moral, ethical, spiritual, universal, 
invisible save in effect, and continuous.  
A Society formed for theosophical work 
is a visible organization, an effect, a 
machine for conserving energy and putting 
it to use;  it is not nor can it be universal, 
nor is it continuous.  Organized Theosophical 
bodies are made by men for their better 
co-operation, but, being mere outer 
shells, they must change from time to 
time as human defects come out, as the 
times change, and as the great underlying 
spiritual movement compels such alterations 
. . . One can therefore see that to worship 
an organization, even though it be the 
beloved theosophical one, is to fall down 
before Form, and to become the slave once 
more of that dogmatism which our portion 
of the Theosophical Movement, the Theosophical 
Society, was meant to overthrow . . . 
H.P.B. herself declared that it were 
better to do away with the Society rather 
than to destroy Brotherhood . . ."

     - William Q. Judge, The Path, Vol. V, 
August, 1885, pp. 137-39.


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