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Carlos Aveline's False Accusation of Stealing

Nov 24, 2006 06:29 AM
by danielhcaldwell


You write:

I thought you helped JohnAlgeo steal John Cooper's work on the HPB's

I might be wrong, though. Did you not? Please tell us about that.

Was John Cooper's research "wrongly used", or stolen by the TPH?
And -- did you help Algeo in that?

Perhaps, instead of asking questions, you will decide to clarify

Now concerning "Letters of H.P. Blavatsky", Vol. I (Wheaton), dear 
Jake has previously written on Theos-Talk the following:

On the title page the book is edited by John Algeo and assisted by 
his wife Adele S. Algeo. The "editorial committee" is given as Daniel 
H. Caldwell, Dara Eklund, Robert Ellwood, Joy Mills, and Nicholas 

In light of the above facts, Carlos, I would like to know why you 
single me out and accuse me by writing:

I thought you helped JohnAlgeo steal John Cooper's work on the HPB's

Why not ALSO accuse Dara or Nicholas or the other two members of the 
editorial committee?

As previously stated I gave advice, input, feedback to John Algeo and 
TPH just as the other members of the editorial committee did.

What is your "reasoning" here????  

Am I guilty of stealing material from John Cooper's work because I 
was giving feedback, info, suggestions, etc. to John Algeo and TPH?

If this is your "reasoning" (who knows what your actual reasoning 
and "logic" really is!!!), then Dara Eklund, Nicholas Weeks and the
other members of the editorial committee ALSO gave advice, feedback,

Therefore why not accuse Dara, Nicholas and the rest of the committee 
because they ALSO gave input to John Algeo and TPH???!!

If you have any actual evidence for your accusation AGAINST ME, I ask 
you to present it in detail. If not, I would advise you to stop 
making such reckless and wild statements here on Theos-Talk.

Carlos, is it in your ethics (Theosophical or otherwise) to accuse a 
person of stealing especially without one iota of evidence?

I really wonder what HPB and the Masters would think of such behavior?


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