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Re: Theos-World Ancient Secret Docrines found in caves?

Jun 30, 2006 10:47 AM
by Mauri

For more info:,,

FR wrote:<<Mauri, Erich von Daniken claimed already in the 1970'ies in his second book "Gods from Outer Space" (at least in the original German edition) to have been in the secret underground libraries in South America and he presented some of the golden metal plates.

On a second journey he was accompanied by the known tv journalist Karl Brugger. They where driving in a jeep in attempt to enter one of the secret entries to the underground cities at a mountain. Suddenly some men came and asked Mr Brugger whether he is Karl Brugger. As he affirmed he was shot. Von Daniken was told that this was but a warning, he will be short, too, when he ever mentions his findings anymore.
This then he never spoke or wrote a word about it.

According to Alec Maclellan "The Lost World of Agarthi" HPB was in possession of a map of the underground cities. Plato was allegedly also writing about it.


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