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Jun 20, 2006 12:05 PM
by carlosaveline


Ex-senator and ex-vice-president of the USA  Al Gore is dedicated full time to the collective effort to avoid a worldwide ecological catastrophe. He has delivered more than 1,000 talks and lectures in the last few years on the future of our civilization.  

An ecologist for almost 30 years now and  a personal friend of Fritjof Capra's, Al Gore is not alone in this.  Most energy giants (big multinational corporations) are investing great amounts of  money in alternative sources of energy by now. 
Also military planners/strategists are convinced that a major crisis is most likely to occur sooner than later. 

And Bill Gates just decided to dedicate himself full time to his own charity works, to which he had already given a great part of his personal fortune.
His wife is together in this.  

May these examples be followed soon.

A battle is not lost until the last minute.  Enlightenment often needs dangerous situations to occur. 

Regards,  Carlos Cardoso Aveline

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