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RE: Cosmology of Space in Theosophy

Jun 17, 2006 06:15 AM
by W.Dallas TenBroeck


6/17/2006 6:01 AM



Dear Friends and "STILLPOINTED"



            Re:       Cosmology of Space in Theosophy





It seems to me the UNIVERSAL PURPOSE is included in its presence.  


If so this gives us an extension into virtue, morality and BROTHERHOOD  ?


Have you made a comparison with the  SECRET DOCTRINE  ?  Can we see it ?


It would help us if you' have.






Do some of these have and show these references?



            [ Courtesy of THEOSOPHICAL SOCIETY, Pasadena]




Cosmic Philosophy [Outlines of].See Fiske, J.

Cosmic Pralaya

concludes Brahma's life II 69n 
Logos sleeps during II 310

Cosmocratores. See Kosmokratores

Cosmogenesis. See also Cosmogony, Cosmology, Powers

lipika connected w I 127-8 
occult numbers symbolic of I 321

Cosmogonical Hypothesis. See Wolf, C.

"Cosmogonies Aryennes." See Darmesteter, Essais . . .

Cosmogony (ies, ical). See also Cosmogenesis, Cosmology

architect in every II 43 
Aryan, spiritualizes matter II 241 
beginning of, in Vishnu Purana I 545 &n, 594 
begin w egg, circle, head I 443; II 554 
Chinese, most hazy I 356 
double-sexed creatures in II 130 
Fohat in esoteric I 109-10, 116, 119 
future, lies in Divine Thought I 1 
how to master every I 424 
intelligent plan in II 73 
Japanese or Shinto I 213-14, 216-17 
key required to old II 248 
kosmocratores in all II 23 
light fr darkness in all II 485-6 
no evil dragon in ancient II 53 
number seven cornerstone of I 321; II 34 
occult I 75, 145, 277 
one universal element in all I 75 
pradhana in I 545 
proof of II 251-2 
recorded in scriptures II 251 
secondary creation in all II 59 
secrecy re, (Sinnett) I 170 
of the Secret Doctrine I 272-3 
Semitic, materializes nature II 241 
several creations in many II 703-4 
similarities in ancient II 54 &n 
swastika a, sign II 99 
symbolic of I 4-5, 426; II 536 
uniform traditions in II 703-4 
Vedanta gives a metaphysical I 269 
wars in heaven in every I 418 
water plays a part in all I 64 
worlds destroyed, renewed in II 704 
Zoroastrian II 488

Cosmogony. See Sanchoniathon

Cosmographie. See Tardy, J.

Cosmography II 564

ancients knew, well II 534-5 
Aryan, based on number ten II 603


all scriptures based on II 77 
looked to noumenon of forms I 461 
modern science scorns I 348-9

Cosmology. See also Cosmogony, Powers, Theogony

Aryan, based on number ten II 603 
describes hierarchy of forces I 75 
overgrown w human fancy I 424

Cosmos. See also Kosmos

body of Divine Thought I 3 
builders fashion I 339 
cycles run fr embryo to II 189 
intelligent plan in II 73 
manifested Word I 138 
man microcosm of I 177, 181, 594 
plan of, in divine thought I 339 
seven rays, states of II 69n, 636

"Cosmos." See Humboldt, F.




Power(s). See also Saktis

celibacy, chastity & occult II 295 
creating, in animal man II 98 
an entity heads each yogi- I 293 
five & seven, of initiate II 580 
generative, symbolized by certain gods II 43n 
incarnating II 88-90 
intellectual, psychic, spiritual II 319 
magic II 427 
man's creative, gift of wisdom II 410 
messengers & seven, of Logos II 359 
misuse of, & third eye II 302 
of plants, animals, & minerals II 74 
senses impediment to II 296 
seven, & the elements II 359 
seven vowels & the forty-nine II 564 
sidereal, awakened by man I 124 
superhuman, of siddhas II 636n 
used for selfish purposes II 319

Powers (cosmic). See also Cosmogony, Gods, Theogony

assist Christian creator I 440 
astral light abode of I 196 
awakened by sound I 307 
belief in, personified II 592 
cosmo-psychic I 86 
creative, & unborn Space II 487 
creative, not the One Principle I 425 
divine & terrestrial, struggle II 495 
divine, born in mind of Logos II 318n 
divine, shape universe I 22 
forty-nine, & seven vowels I 411 
given divine honors I 424 
hierarchy of creative I 213-15 
intelligent active, & blind inertia I 520 
intelligent, rule univ I 287, 499n, 554; II 502 
invisible, or noumena II 517-18 
labeled unscientific I 424 
lower, make Earth ready II 242 
fr providence or divine light I 350 
seven elemental, & Great Bear II 631 
seven, of nature & noumena II 273 
subordinate, worshiped I 44 
fr Sun meet every eleventh year I 290 
twelve subordinate, & Sun II 23





Theogony (ies) II 147. See also Hesiod

all, have divine rebels II 79, 94n 
beginning of I 231 
connected w zodiac I 652 
of creative gods a key I 424-45 
future, concealed in divine thought I 1 
Greek & Latin, appropriated fr India II 143-4 
key of, re Moon not phallic I 390 
key to all II 23, 767 
key to symbols I 363 
manifest, begins w Brahma-Vach I 434 
metaphysics of, & elements II 359 &n 
old primitive II 248

Theogony. See Damascius

Theogony. See Hesiod

Theogony. See Mochus





Astrolatry II 456

astrology & II 23 
Chaldean II 622-3n 
exoteric Judaism, Christianity & II 41 
Gnostic, Zoroastrian, Christian I 402, 448


Astrology (er, ical). See also Horoscopy, Zodiac 

ancient mythology includes I 389n 
angel Barkayal taught II 376 
aspects of constellations II 179 
Brahman's life regulated by II 411n 
Chaldean II 622-3n 
college of, on Euphrates II 203 
conception, birth & I 228-9n 
definition of II 500n 
judicial I 575n, 647 
limitations I 642 
Makara in Hindu I 219 
Mercury in II 28 
origin of II 23 
Persian magic shield II 394 
on physical not spiritual plane II 631n 
prophecies I 646-7 
pyramid illustrates I 317n 
rationale of I 105, 532 
Scorpio & reproductive organs II 129 
sign of Venus II 29-30 
soul of astronomy I 645-7 
star deals w personality I 572-3 
Tritheim greatest, of his day II 512n

Astro-Magians of India II 612n

Astronomer(s). See also Asuramaya, Bailly

adept, knew of Mars, Venus races II 699 
Garga oldest, of India II 49n 
modern, on Great Pyramid II 432 
record cyclic events I 646 
should be geologists (Faye) I 496 
two antediluvian II 47-51


allegories II 45, 94 &n, 353, 380 
ancient, calculations II 620-1 
aspect of Vedic verse II 191n 
character of Genesis II 143 
influence of, phenomena II 73-4 
kalpa II 307n 
keys to theogony II 23 
key to symbolism I 363 
key to War in Heaven II 63 
Mackey on, dates of Atlantis II 407-8 
male gods become Sun-gods II 43 
occultism &, theories II 71 
phenomena & sexual religion II 274 
planets, many more in secret bks I 152n 
racial &, cycles II 49, 70, 330-1 
records began in Atlantis II 353 
Sun cosmic &, emblem II 208 
Surya Siddhanta oldest, work II 326 
symbols II 391n 
tables, ancient & modern I 658-9, 666 
Taraka-maya full of, truths II 45 
truth concealed in legend II 93-4n 
Tyndaridae, symb of twin brothers II 122


Astronomy. See also Constellations, Nebular Theory, Planets, Precession,

all in scriptures based on II 77 
ancients knew, well I 650, 659-68; II 534-5 
archaic, & modern science I 203 
astrolatry confirmed by II 41 
astrology soul of I 645-7 
Aztecs' knowledge of I 322 
dead planets in occult I 149n 
divine kings gave early races II 29, 49, 317, 366, 765-6 
Egyptian II 332, 435, 620, 631 
exoteric now II 124 
generation, conception & I 312 
geology & II 71-2 
has returned to Anaxagoras I 586 
Hebrew, regulated by Moon II 75 
Hindu I 658-68; II 253, 332, 551 
inherited fr Atlantis II 426, 431 
legendary teachers of II 765-6 
light received by Venus II 29n 
Moon, Earth II 64 
mythology includes I 387, 389 &n 
older, younger planets & II 251 
Osiris-Isis taught, (Basnage) II 366 
phenomena of, cyclic II 73-4 
Puranic, a science II 253 
pyramid & principles of I 317-18n 
Sesha teacher of II 49n 
taught man by gods II 366 
theology &, connected I 320 
unknown planets, globes I 163, 203, 576



Horoscope(s), Horoscopy. See also Astrology

rationale of I 105 
thirty-six, & Pantomorphos I 672 
zodiacal records I 647




Zodiac(s). See also Dendera Zodiac, Zodiac (Signs of)

ancient, discussed II 66, 431 
antiquity of, (Bailly) I 648-9 
Aryan initiates built II 750 
Bailly re Hindu II 332, 435 
Chinese, divided into twenty-four parts II 620-1 
clearly mentioned in 2 Kings I 649 
discussed I 647-8 
Egyptian & Hindu, immensely old I 650 
Egyptian, antiquity of II 332, 431-2, 435-6 
Egyptian, fr India II 435-6 
Greek, age of II 436 &n 
heirloom fr Atlantis II 431-3 
Hindu, fr Greeks (Muller) II 225, 332 
Hindu, older than Greeks I 657-8 
history contained in II 438 
Indian, fr Greeks (Weber) I 647; II 50 
Indian, not fr Greeks I 650; II 50 
lords of, now rebellious angels I 577 
Old Testament reference I 649 
reddened w solar blaze II 357 
sidereal prophecies of I 653 
traces to Argonauts (Newton) I 652 
universality of I 648-9 
Volney re origin of I 658; II 436n


Zodiac (Signs of)

animals of Genesis are II 112n 
archaic nations knew I 320 
on body of Karttikeya II 619 
descend, ascend (explained) I 658; II 357 
"Fiery Lions" & Leo I 213 
kumaras connected w II 576 
Makara (Capricorn) I 384; II 268n, 576-80 
man's past, future in II 431-3 
mentioned in Homer I 648 
Mother of God surrounded by I 400 
patriarchs connected w I 651 
reflected on Earth II 502-3 
regents of, minor gods II 358 
sacred animals of II 23, 181n 
seven planets & twelve I 79 
ten, twelve, among ancients II 502 &n 
tribes of Israel & I 400, 651; II 200n 
twelve great orders & I 213 
twelve rulers, kings or I 651 
twelve, seven planets & races I 573 &n 
twelve, cakes, stones (Philo) I 649 
two mystery II 502 &n 
when, vertical to pole II 357 
world builders II 23 
worshiped (2 Kings) I 649


allegory is historical II 353 
Aryan, calculations II 436 &n 
records (Atlantean) cannot err II 49 
ring, relic in Gobi II 503








Best Wishes,






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Recently I've been exploring the `Cosmology of Space' as it relates to 
everyday experience. After some research into the literature only 
one reference to this phenomenon was found: "Dogen's Cosmology of 
Space and the Practice of Self-Fulfillment" by Taigen Dan Leighton. 

http://www.mtsource <>

If you could point to other such references, I would appreciate 
learning more of what has been written on this subject. 

Thanks, Ed



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