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Re: Theos-World do we need to reach the whole world?

Jun 16, 2006 08:14 AM
by M K Ramadoss

While Internet is a quantum leap in making info and support available for
those who have access to it and are interested, in the near term, I do not
see a dramatic increase in the number of people interested in theosophy and
related matters. It provides info and help for those who are ready and
seeking it. It it akin to my having a lot of books on theosophy and related
stuff on my bookshelf and many many are the instances that no one passing by
had any curiosity even to take one of them and look it. Some times I feel
that even if I gave them one of them to keep, they are not even going to
open it and will put it back in the bookshelf.

It seems to me that at this stage, few are ready for it. In the long term,
however, I see a larger population in the world becoming interested and when
they do, the information is there for them to access. May be that is the
long term plan of those powers who are behind the development of modern
communication advancements.

All we can do at this time is to encourage making theosophical material
available on line and provide whatever little help and encouragement for any
one seeking divine wisdom.


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> Eldon
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> There is a simpler answer. A mailing list can be considered as a dynamic
> system. When it is in its growth phase, the demand for it (new
> subscribers)
> exceeds its cost (mailing addresses that go bad and people that
> unsubscribe).
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