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RE: Pryse and HPB

Jun 10, 2006 09:44 PM
by Cass Silva

I have received this from another Group, anyone interested I can post more.
  You can find the Greek Gematria in either book as well as in MPH [Manly P. Hall's
  'Secret Teaching of the Ages'.  Pryse makes it easy because he goes up the
  Pythagorean triples explaining each number as a name and its connection to the chakras.  Pryse is quite a scholar in his own rite [right], and I refer to him when
  it has anything to do with the New Testament and the Greek Gematria.
  Here's an intimate account of Pryse's relationship to HPB:
       "When the editor of the Canadian Theosophist asked me, several years ago, to
  write my memoirs of H.P.B. I declined to do so explaining that an account of my
  personal experiences with H.P.B. would necessarily be a tale of two worlds.  Since
  then other friends have kept urging me to write the memoirs, and finally I have
  reluctantly consented to write them.
       As a personality 'the Old Lady' as we affectionately called her, was like a mother
  to me; but if my reminiscences were to be confined to that personality, dealing only
  with happenings and doings in the physical world, they would be of little interest and
  would convey an utterly false impression of the real H.P.B. with whom I was acquainted.  So I must tell this tale of two worlds, however strange and incedible it may seem to many, if not most, theoretical Theosophists.  It is a true narrative, but
  those who are unable to accept it as such are at perfect liberty to regard it as a romance or fairy-tale, and let it go at that.  Whether they believe it or not is no concern of mine.  But there are some Theosophists who have passed beyond the stage of theoretical study, and my story is especially for them.
       In narrating my experiences with H.P.B. it is of course necessary to include my-
  self in the narrative when I would greatly prefer to say nothing whatever about myself.
  This is one of the reasons why I have hitherto refused to write my memoirs.
  [Little I'll divide it up in pages]

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