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Re: Publication of the ?Solovyoff letters?

Jun 09, 2006 08:35 PM
by plcoles1

Hello Daniel,
If another volume is produced without these letters, this as far as I can see seems to be 
based on honourable and ethical reasons, as there is considerable doubt that HPB actually 
wrote the letters in question.

The Wheaton edition could easily have put the `Solovyoff's' letters into a separate chapter 
with sufficient preamble and background to clarify the nature of the letters to the reader.



--- In, "danielhcaldwell" <danielhcaldwell@...> wrote:
> Perry,
> You write:
> ========================================
> Just wanted to give my perspective on the publication of the
> Solovyoff letters, for what its worth....
> I personally think that the publication of these letters is not in
> itself the point of contention but rather that in part the letters
> are included in the volume without adequately alerting the reader to
> there controversial and the reputedly fraudulent nature of them
> ========================================
> But Perry apparently in the new volume of "Authentic Letters of 
> H.P.B." (Carlos' phrase) now under preparation the letters in 
> dispute will simply NOT be included in the volume.  They will have 
> been removed.  I am going on the information provided in several 
> issues of the Aquarian Theosophist.
> Daniel

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