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Publication of the ?Solovyoff letters?

Jun 08, 2006 09:04 PM
by plcoles1

Hi All,
Just wanted to give my perspective on the publication of the 
Solovyoff letters, for what its worth.

On any subject we need to look at all the facts and points of view, 
not only those that may satisfy our own beliefs and emotional 

I personally think that the publication of these letters is not in 
itself the point of contention but rather that in part the letters 
are included in the volume without adequately alerting the reader to 
there controversial and the reputedly fraudulent nature of them.

Scholars and students need to investigate all information with 
objectivity and then make an assessment based on those findings, 
always open to new information as it presents itself.

As students of Blavatsky's and the Mahatma's writings we need to make 
sure we don't treat either their personalities or their writings as 
being beyond reproach.

I am sure this is not what they would have wanted either as in order 
to maintain a truly open and enquiring mind we need to be prepared to 
try and look at things freshly and without prejudice.

Blavatsky was not a perfect person by any stretch of the imagination, 
nor did the Mahatmas ever claim infallibility, in fact nothing in 
this cosmos is perfect as far as we know, so why fall into this trap 
of putting HPB or anyone else on a too high a pedestal, not only is 
it unfair to the person it is also the road to dogmatism and 
religious devotion of the worst kind.

Having said that we should protest if we feel an injustice has been 
done and then back it up with what factual information we have at 



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