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Not one line only

Jun 07, 2006 12:37 PM
by cardosoaveline


I don't see "one" bottom line in this. 

The whole question has many aspects to see.

Carlos Cardoso Aveline 

--- In, "danielhcaldwell" 
<danielhcaldwell@...> wrote:
> Carlos, what is the bottom line with you 
> on this Solovyoff matter?
> After reading the last half dozen emails you
> posted on Solovyoff, what are you suggesting or advising
> students of Theosophy/Blavatsky to do in
> regards to Solovyoff's book and testimony?
> Are you saying that they should NOT read
> the material?  That they should simply ignore it?
> And what should "real" scholars do?  Totally
> disregard ALL the material in Solovyoff's book??
> Are you suggesting that a "real" scholar would
> never use any material from Solovyoff?
> What is the bottom line with you on this matter?
> Daniel

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