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Re: Theos-World Zen Theosophy - a better definition

Jun 05, 2006 11:29 PM
by Cass Silva

You may need to try the Alice Bailey website or Lucis Trust, or even try yahooing Zen Theosophy.

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 Dear Friends,
 When  I  use  the  phrase "Zen Theosophy", I am talking about the
      following movement:
 "Zen  Theosophy is a school of Theosophical thought which focuses
      on  psychology,  esoteric  science,  and  meditation.  Bearing no
      official  ties  with  the Theosophical Society, it was founded in
      the 1970s in Holland, and then travelled to the United States and
 Unlike  the  Theosophical  Society  proper,  it  recognizes Alice
      Bailey  and  her  transmitted  teachings, in addition to those of
      H.P.Blavatsky  and Annie Besant. In keeping with the Theosophical
      traditions, Zen Theosophy advocates universal brotherhood without
      regard  for social status, race, or religion, and does not adhere
      to  any  one body of doctrine but focuses on finding the truth in
      all doctrines.
 The  name of Zen Theosophy itself denotes its purpose. Zen is the
      art  of  meditation,  called  Ch'an  in  Chinese,  and  Dhyana in
      Sanskrit.  Theosophy  is  a  word  derived  from  Theos,  meaning
      Ageless, and Sophia, meaning Wisdom. The school therefore focuses
      on   meditation  and  the  study  of  philosophy  as  a  balanced
      relationship, stressing the need for both."
 This movement has a official seal:
      If  someone  knows  more  details  about this spiritual movement,
      please, tell me something...
 Thank you for all

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