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Re: Theos-World THE UMBRELLA

Jun 05, 2006 07:25 PM
by Cass Silva

carlosaveline <> wrote: 

Big or small, the existing "umbrella of  universal brotherhood" is directly connected  �  as an active positive factor  at a causal level �  to the destiny of our civilization in the years and decades to come.

Cass: No.  Some will always lag behind.  Some will forge ahead.

 We may have more challenges and opportunities in front of us than we can easily see and identify by now in June 5,  2006, World Environment Day.    As Karma accelerates, we are invited  to do what we can to improve such a nucleus of broad planetary solidarity, which reaches far beyond the limits of the so-called   "theosophical movement". 

Cass: I thought it was more a spiritual change rather than an ecological change.   Morality implies that we change our ecological environment to ensure the safety of the planet, for those here, and those on their way.

We do not have an entirely clear picture of outer events, present and future. And that is not expected of us. But we can open our minds � and TRY to help goodwill and planetary consciousness to develop.   

Cass: Opening our minds is a good start.  

Once we accept our anonymous share of  personal responsibility for world events, that may  be but  a natural thing to do.  

Cass:  It sounds very inspiring Carlos, but my personal responsibility for  australian events is bound up in my vote, which is compulsory in Australia.  So therefore my personal karma now must include my part in the national and international karma of the world.

Practical Theosophy:
If you could choose who to reincarnate with, which 5 entities would you select.  This can include loved ones, loved philosophers, anyone for that matter.


Regards,   Carlos Cardoso Aveline. 


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