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Jun 05, 2006 01:21 PM
by carlosaveline


A few decades ago, Adyar TPH and Adyar TS finally had to admit: although having some authentic texts, the Annie Besant edition of "The Secret Doctrine" was  no good and should be abandoned. 

Then  the  Adyar TS adopted Boris de Zirkoff's edition of "The Secret Doctrine", which is authentic and basically follows the original edition published during HPB's life.  

Unfortunately, in Brazil, we still have only the Annie Besant edition and the "Collected Writings" have not started to be translated and published in Portuguese language.  Yet more and more students can read in English and develop Viveka, discernment. But inh English language the trend to respect original editions of HPB's books is well established. 

Recent problems with forgeries and slanders being "included" in HPB's texts, making her appear as slandering herself --   will  be solved. One can be confident about that. 

Adyar TS is slowly evolving, as the clairvoyant fancies of the Leadbeater/Besant  period are more and more left aside.  

I guess there is a chance that HPB will be rediscovered, at least in part,  by Adyar TS in the next fews years or decades.  

Best regards,   Carlos Cardoso Aveline

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