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Jun 05, 2006 12:44 PM
by carlosaveline


I've got the feeling that this posting of yours, see below,  has a habit of quick successive reincarnations here at Theos-talk.  It is always around over and over again, or so it seems to me. 

Regards,  Carlos Cardoso Aveline


Data:Mon, 05 Jun 2006 17:01:36 -0000

Assunto:Theos-World Did the second bomb-shell from the Dugpa world come from India????

> In 1886, H.P. Blavatsky gives the following estimation of Mrs.
> Holloway in a letter to A.P. Sinnett:
> "...The first bomb-shell from the Dugpa world came from America; you
> welcomed and warmed it in your own breast. . . . The Dugpa element
> triumphed fully at one time -- why? because you believed in one
> [Laura Holloway] who was sent by the opposing powers for the
> destruction of the [Theosophical] Society and permitted to act as
> she and others did by the 'higher powers,' as you call them, whose
> duty it was not to interfere in the great probation save at the last
> moment. To this day you are unable to say what was true, what
> false...." The Mahatma Letters, No. 141.

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