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Jun 05, 2006 08:07 AM
by carlosaveline


Since ancient times, unwise human beings have looked at the universe as an extension of their own small lower selves. 

In it the Sun is a personalistic God and Lord, an absolute Monarch ? a cosmic humanoid who owns human souls as if they were his private property. 

Uneducated people also have personalized the Moon as the Virgin, the Mother and the Wife ; a beautiful, pale, obedient female humanoid presiding over the stars ? i. e., the many children of the infinite celestial clan. 

Justice is then a Goddess to whom we may ask personal favours. Each one of such Gods have envy and jealousy with regard to the others. Just like ignorant and selfish human beings, these Gods suffer from the disease of attachment-and-rejection. The reason for that is simple: in popular myths, ancient Gods are but the result of the imagination of ignorant human beings. 

Yet we have no reasons to get too arrogant about this ancient ?lack of knowledge?. 

Even now, in our would-be ?scientific age? , most citizens will automatically accept almost any idea if it comes from a ?friend?, or according to some other short-term personal or group interests ; and they will automatically reject ideas for the same blind reasons. They won?t care too much if the idea is actually true or false. 

Challenging ignorance both ancient and modern, Theosophy or divine wisdom teaches us to go beyond these blind personalistic attachment-rejection, fear and hatred mechanisms. 

Esoteric philosophy teaches us to look at facts and ideas in themselves, and not to be carried away by emotional fancies or animal-soul reactions. 

Theosophy invites us to cautiously understand, and then transcend personality clashes, attachments, gossips and slanders. 

It also invites us to defend true spiritual Teachers from the false charges and libels coming from the collective, semi-organized, accumulated human ignorance. 

Of course, those who defend the Sacred Teachers may well be attacked for doing so. But this is undoubtedly a most excellent Karma. It is a high privilege which not many truth-seekers dare to take and to have. It helps opening the steep narrow path for those who practice VIRYA. 

Om, shanti, Carlos Cardoso Aveline 

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