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Carlos AvelineÂs e-mails

Jun 02, 2006 04:45 PM
by Carlos Paterson

Gmail.COM, Carlos Paterson, BR

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     Dear Carlos Aveline,

     The  three  e-mails send to you ("THOMAS TAYLOR DRINKS WATER"(a),
     "H.P.B.  ON  FORESTS"(b)  and "OUR RESPONSIBILITY"(c)) are, in my
     modest  point of view, related to the FATE of civilization in our
     Earth Planet, particularly with our relationship with this FATE.

     To initialize a healthy debate about this theme (Our relationship
     with  the  civilizationŽs fate), it would be of great help trying
     define  what  do  you intend to say with the denomination "DIRECT
     KNOWLEDGE"? (your e-mail:(a))

     Again,  in  your  e-mail (b), you seem to be strongly inclined to
     contemplate  this not defined knowledge, when you relate the fact
     that  there  is  a supposed "actual knowledge" in opposition to a
     mere   hearsay  information.  This  "actual  knowledge"  has  any
     similarity  with you have called "DIRECT KNOWLEDGE"? Are they the
     same thing? What are they?

     And,  once again, in your e-mail (c) (forgive me the insistence),
     you  emphasize  something called "sacred wisdom"... Is it another
     completely  different  thing or not? What do you want to say with

     It  is  clear  that a series of affirmations and conclusions were
     inferred  from  theses not yet defined terms or phrases, so it is
     of vital importance the understanding of them.

     Finally, valued friend:

     What do you understand by the word "FATE"? If possible, define it

     Thank your for all.



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