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RE: Theosophy - Evolutional Possibilities

Jun 01, 2006 08:05 AM
by W.Dallas TenBroeck

6/1/2006 7:33 AM

Thanks Carlos Paterson:

In scrutinizing the diamond of TRUTH we find "history" valuable in defining
some if not all of the facets it has to show.  

If we recognize the PAST -- ours is included.  Karmic [laws of moral and
ethical value] links that are impersonal and also eternal and immortal begin
to emerge.

Virtues are then seen to be indicators to ideals of living.

The impersonalizing process makes the opinion and rough edges of our several
views and "personality" disappear.

Let us keep our focus on the  'Diamond.' 

THEOSOPHY has been offered to us to assist in securing some of the old
proven truths we may test and depend on if found valid.  But it is NOT to be
imposed on any one.  A "let's compare" attitude is always suggested.  The
"College" of the truly WISE that are concerned with our Earth have offered
us a "status report" on their continuing but ancient work.

If any one looks at 130 years since HPB lived and worked, let consider a
time-stretch of billions of years [a Kalpa consists of 311,040,000,000,000
years -- of which evolutionary period we have covered about half [S D   I
150 fn;   S D   II  68 -70;]

As a group of "immortals" we have come far and yet the journey continues --
we have a vast field to complete the study we undertook.

?One infinite and unknown Essence exists from all eternity, and is regular
and harmonious successions is either passive or active.?  	ISIS

?There is  no Creator but an infinity of creative powers, which collectively
form the one eternal substance, the essence of which is inscrutable.? 	ISIS

?Alone in reincarnation is the answer to all the problems of life, and in it
and Karma is the force that will make men pursue in fact the ethics they
have in theory.? O  p. 64

?Masters?people their current in space with entities powerful  for good
	O. p. 102

?Philosophy and ethics must be first found and then practised.?	O. p. 152

?The pure minded and the brave can deal with the future and the present far
better than any clairvoyant.?	O. p. 143

?The man within strives to raise the whole mass of physical substance up to
a higher level.?	  	O. 40,  also O. 60 -1

Best wishes,



-----Original Message-----
From: Carlos Paterson
Sent: Wednesday, May 31, 2006 4:51 PM
To: Subject: Theosophy - Evolutional Possibilities

Dear Friends,

First of all, I would like to say that I am not trying to create a conflict
between us. When I say something, is with the only intention to establish a
healthy debate, a debate permeated with esteem, a debate that can glorify
our relationship. Then, I would like to express my gratitude for all of you
that make an efffort to answer my questions with respect and affection.
Equally, my special thanks for all of you responsible for this "virtual
place", a place so important for me and certainly for many others. 

It is interesting to weave some comments about the repetitive culture that
goes establishing itself among us. The Theosophy has never pretended to be a
repository of definite statements, ready and finished. Blavatsky always
emphasized the evolutional character of the Theosophy. Who says evolution,
talking about modifications e transformations, as we can see in various
pronouncements of Blavatsky. It seems to me that some friars, repeting
religious postures of past reencarnations, try to elevate the Secret
Doctrine to the level of Sacred Writings, manufactured by the Divinity
itself. So, it is common to hear something like: The Theosophy has responses
for all questions of Man, trying to force answers by all means, even
maintained by a supposed knowledge like "having studied the inner truths
hidden in the Secret Doctrine" - forgetting the simple fact that a doctrine
that calls itself  "secret" presupposes mysteries that are not exposed,
especially on books.

It is crucial to be alert to not manifest an illimitable ambition, and
immensely ridiculous. The Truth is conquered for a gradual effort and an
evolutional ascension. All our truths are provisory, mutable and always
parcial and Blavatsky certainly is situated in this context - similar to all
human being, she is not absolute and imperfections surely occured in her
life or works: be as a channel, as a medium or as a tulku representative.
There is a great number of quests that remain, and will remain for a long
time, without any solution, except in the field of speculation. The
Theosophy responds to the fundamentals problems, faced by human being since
primordiums: the personal immortality, the invisible planes, the generic
problem of fate, the reincarnation and, in some way, to the objectives of

We must remember that these answers, in a variable profundity, are part of
the religious and philosophical context of humanity yet, since immemorial
times. They were not discovered by Theosophy, in a general sense, nor to
Blavatsky with all her subtle communications. What makes the Theosophy
something special, in the studies of these questions, is the method that it
exerts and the conceptual dynamism the it puts above them. Yes, because
until the Theosophy (and Spiritualism as well) the reincarnation, for
example, always was a factor of social abuse, generator of misery and
conformism, a perfect instrument utilized for the dominant castes of
society, with the intention of maintaining the people at a perpetual state
of exploration and subservience. With Theosophy, it has passed to be
dynamic, progressive and transformer in her social consequences. 

The Theosophical Society was the start point of a process much more profound
and ample than the actual. It is necessary that new Bacons and Descartes
propound inedited and precised methods, capable to attend the present
cultural challenges.

This is an ideal more consentaneous, I think, of the duty of Theosophy, in
the context of thought. Its real contribution to the Humanity cultural
progress. The Theosophy can not be disconnected to the Present, to the Past
or to the Future and, without question, the theosophical knowledge gives us
the condition to think with all freedom and independence. A Doctrine of free
exame and free thinking, not conditioned to dogmas and mysteries of any

Even the Sacred Writings are opened to the criticism, as they don´t have the
pretension of containing the Absolute Truth, being out of a fanatical and
alienated concept. Join to this fact that the structure of the theosophical
movement is not subordinate to any definite authority, capable of fixing
rules and laws of faith, neither to especif controls of what is a
theosophical truth or not . Ultimately, we don´t have judges to determine
what is doctrinaire. This doesn´t mean the absence of basic criterions to
evaluate if a certain ideia is inserted in the fundamental principles of
Theosophy or not.

Is about this that, substantially, I am going to comprise in my emails.

Thank you for all,

Carlos Paterson

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